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Dubev Alexander Alekseevich

Dubev Alexander Alekseevich

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

Phone: +7 (989) 511-40-30, +7 (863) 311-40-30

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0965

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I chose to work in real estate for several reasons. First, it is working with people, which means – communication, new acquaintances and emotions. Secondly-flexible schedule: I can always arrange a meeting at a convenient time for me and the client. Most of the work takes place at home, where I study the documents at a convenient pace, delving into all the nuances. Experience and education allow me to see the shortcomings and advantages of the object, to prevent potential problems. Financial and legal literacy help to draw up a contract that best meets the interests of the customer.I like to find an approach to each client, to learn his dreams, to help in creation of that place on the Earth where he and his relatives will be happy. Already at the stage of acquaintance I try to learn as much as possible in detail the tastes and wishes of the customer and his family members. Does he need an apartment near his work, a cottage in a pine forest, a house in a gated community, a plot for the implementation of an individual project. Whether there are children in the family, whether they love animals here. Every detail is important, because only knowing all the details you can choose the perfect option for a happy life: a cozy home, a place where you want to return.


Certificate - Tax Code for a realtor Certificate - Certifies that Alexander Zubev has knowledge that meets the requirements of the standard STO RGR " Realtor activity. Brokerage services in the real estate market. General requirements" and certification. "Real estate specialist-agent"