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With pride I want to offer you the project Maralin Ru specializing on rendering services in the sphere of elite real estate. If you decided to improve the living conditions and to live with comfort habitual to you, the team of professionals will carry out any objective at high level.
The bulletin on purchase and sale of luxury real estate

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Р 7 150 000
(Apartments, Center)
Species one bedroom apartment
Р 5 600 000
One bedroom apartment
Р 27 000 000
(House, Aksaiskii region)
Exit to water
House on the banks of the don river
Р 30 000
Equipped two bedroom apartment
Р 12 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
View two-bedroom apartment
Р 12 000 000
(House, Aksaiskii region)
Comfortable house in the cottage
Р 20 000 000
(House, Azovskii region)
Exit to water
House by the river
Элитная квартира на ЗЖМ
Р 6 300 000
Two-level apartment of 180 sq.m
Р 47 000
Non-residential premises
Р 13 000 000
(Commercial, Nahichevan)
The salon is newly renovated
Р 8 500 000
(House, West)
New house
New the house according to the German project
Р 6 999 000
(Apartments, Center)
One bedroom apartment, excellent location
Р 60 000 000
(House, West)
Luxury house in the style of minimalism
Р 14 490 000
(House, North)
Residential house for big family
Р 7 800 000
Two-bedroom apartment
Р 11 500 000
(House, Chkalovskii)
House 326 m2 on a plot of 600 m2

Luxury real estate in Rostov-on-Don, Luxury housing in Rostov

You plan to acquire elite housing in Rostov-on-Don soon? In the market of real estate a set of offers to understand all nuances of purchase of apartments, houses or the land plots in power not to each. The best option – to address to professional realtors who will consult you on all questions concerning a choice of suitable real estate and carrying out the transaction.
Maralin Ru - the agency of elite real estate providing a complex of services in the sphere of real estate for natural and legal entities including selection of suitable object and legal support of transactions of purchase and sale. We long enough work at the market that the comfortable country house, the VIP allows to find in short terms to the buyer real estate or the cozy apartment in a new building. Our experts give help in different obtaining permissions and coordination on re-planning or reconstruction, carrying out a land surveying and the section of sites, the translation of premises in uninhabited and vice versa, and also representation of interests of the client in court.
Property sale, as well as acquisition, is the serious procedure demanding a certain knowledge. On the site of our company you will be able to find detailed answers to a set of questions which arise in the course of a choice of housing, paperwork and other nuances of carrying out the transaction. We are ready to conduct constructive dialogue with each client, and the individual approach to the transaction and professional legal support is guaranteed by reliability and successful sales.
The elite real estate in Rostov-on-Don which fully corresponds to inquiries and wishes of buyers is presented in the catalog of our agency. After all before placement of information on object we carefully examine it then our specialist in interior photographing does a qualitative photo and video. It allows to inform as much as possible buyers and to solve an objective in short terms. It is also possible to specify housing cost at a stage of its processing. During the transaction skilled realtors hold all necessary consultations, thus all wishes of the clients wishing to buy elite real estate are considered.
At us you will find a huge number of favorable offers, beginning from comfortable cottages in settlements with the developed infrastructure and apartments, various on the area, in new buildings and finishing with penthouses and country houses with original design. To be convinced available sets of favorable options, and also to study the description of each object, it is possible already today, having visited pages of the catalog of our site.
Primary activity of the company Maralin Ru is sale of elite real estate in Rostov-on-Don and area. If you are interested in housing of a premium class, we guarantee high-quality support of the transaction, including protection of financial and legal interests of the client, effective advertizing support and the help in registration of documentation. All this will be provided by your personal realtor having considerable experience in the sphere of real estate.

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