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With pride I want to offer you the project Maralin Ru specializing on rendering services in the sphere of elite real estate. If you decided to improve the living conditions and to live with comfort habitual to you, the team of professionals will carry out any objective at high level.
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Недвижимость в Ростове-на-Дону
Р 11 200 000
(House, West)
House for sale
Р 10 770 000
(Apartments, Center)
Apartment in the residential complex Alexandriyskiy
Р 15 000 000
(Apartments, West)
Open terrace
The three-room apartment in a new housing estate
Р 11 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Two-bedroom apartment renovated in the Center
Р 8 499 000
(Apartments, West)
Apartment with designer renovation
Р 9 890 000
(Apartments, Center)
Apartment for sale in Zhuravli residential complex
Р 10 800 000
(Apartments, Center)
Two-bedroom apartment for sale with renovation
Р 24 500 000
(Apartments, Center)
Spacious 6-room.flat
Р 32 000 000
(House, West)
Residential building with a swimming pool
Р 33 000
(Rent inhabited, Center)
Furnished apartment in the city center
Р 4 300 000
(Apartments, Center)
The apartment is renovated
Р 11 900 000
(House, Myasnikovskii region)
New house
New house with renovation
Р 7 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Apartment in Rostov-City residential complex
Р 5 050 000
(Apartments, Center)
Apartment in the residential complex "Rubin"
Р 5 700 000
(Apartments, Center)
apartment in a housing estate "Millennium-2"

Elite real estate in Rostov-na-Donu – on favorable terms

Plans to buy a modern and comfortable housing? The perfect solution to the issue will be the elite real estate in Rostov-on-don. A potential buyer is difficult to choose the appropriate option among a huge number of objects presented in the real estate market in the region. When buying an apartment, house or plot of land it is better to seek advice from a professional real estate company. Specialists will provide expert assistance in selecting a property that is right for you, and will competently carry out the transaction.
In Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, you can order a complex of services rendered both natural and legal persons regarding real estate transactions. We will find you a property according to your requirements and financial capacity to efficiently perform legal support of purchase and sale. Extensive experience allows us to quickly find a buyer for a cozy rustic lodging, modern apartment or property premium. Realtors of our company will help to obtain various approvals, the resolution required in the redevelopment of housing, the procedures of the subdivision or partition of land, and also for the transfer of residential apartments in residential premises or Vice versa. Our experience allows us to introduce, if necessary, your interests in the courts.
The purchase and sale of real estate, is a complicated procedure, for the successful completion of which requires knowledge of the law. We will provide answers to lots of questions that arise during the selection of residential or any other object, design documentation and carrying out the transaction. Our company is always ready to productive collaboration with customers and partners. In our work we use individual approach to each client, and our experienced lawyers guarantee the success of the completion of each transaction.
In a convenient directory on the website is easy to find luxury real estate in Rostov-on-don, meets all the needs of potential customers. Before you post information about each facility, we conduct a thorough inspection. Our photographer for interior photography, high-quality images and videos which allow us to inform customers as efficiently as possible. Prices for residential real estate can be found already in the process of processing the object.
If you want to buy a luxury property, our employees will consult on the arisen in the course of the transaction issues associated with the selection, payment procedures, legal aspects, and registration. We offer a wide selection of real estate ranging from comfortable houses in cottage villages with infrastructure and housing of various planning in buildings, finishing buildings with unusual interior. Browse the best deals presented with detailed description, right now on our portal.
Support of transactions with real estate in the Rostov region is the main activity of the company Maralin Ru. Interested in buying premium? We guarantee the highest quality of transaction, including, protection of your interests, both financial and legal, quality advertising and assistance in the preparation of documents. These matters personal realtor with extensive experience.
Working with our Agency of elite real estate, you will be able to successfully complete any transaction!

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