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Price : 320 000Р

350 000Р

$ 5 000  /  € 4 571
Rostov-on-Don, Nahichevan
ул. 16-я линия
Real estate type:
Room of free appointment
room space:
1012 м2
Area of a site:
6.7 Sotok
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Butenko Ivan Romanovich

+7 (863) 301-13-13 +7 (961) 301-13-13

Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0711


Submitted to the administrative building multi-purpose. The total area of 1012 sqm, on a plot of 670 m2. The building of the Cabinet type. Includes a system of classrooms with furniture, two Assembly halls, a library, offices for the Manager and accounting to the cash window. The facility was renovated and equipped with all communications for placement of educational institutions, at the moment everything is ready.Possibility to rent with the educational license (school, school, College, training center). The price includes furniture and equipment. At the request of the future tenant, the building can be released from furniture. You can also use the adjacent territory (easement) with a complex of buildings for use as special equipment, unloading, landing and disembarkation of passengers. number of Storeys - 2. The facade of the 16th lines 27.99 meters.Parking is available in front - pocket on all front. The owner of a legal entity. Restrictions of transfer are not registered. The building is ready for use. There's the staff (security guard, housekeeping, head of household.part of it).


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Р 170 000
(Rent commercial, Bataysk)
Security deposit
Р 450 000
(Rent commercial, Lenina)
Wide profile room
Р 300 000
(Rent commercial, Center)
First delivery
Restaurant, club, strip bar, cafe
Р 975 000
(Rent commercial, Nahichevan)
First delivery
Building with Parking

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