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Compare the three individual projects Finished apartments from BERLONI

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Compare the three individual projects Finished apartments from BERLONI

The essence of this project is to offer in the Rostov market of real estate is unique product. Studio interior design BERLONI has performed three projects, where the fully implemented design of the interior, has developed a unique style and design solution, carried out supervision. 

When you run this project at the stage of repair and finishing works were done by employing unique solutions, such as coating the walls and decorative plaster design in the design of light and creating a plan for electrical apartments. Used unusual for residential premises, the size of the wall tiles and floor tiles. 

Each apartment has several areas: kitchen, living room, separate dressing room. In a separate area is a double bed, loggia performs the function of the terraces. When picking each apartment, we used only products of Italian factories, which allows us to say with pride that our house is 100% made in Italy.

Kitchen - Berloni

Door - Bertolotto

Sofas - Ditre Italy, Polaris

Furniture - Tonin Casa

Bar chairs - Target Point

Light - IDL

The period of implementation of three projects accounted for only 10 months. If you have ever in your life did a repair of a new apartment, you will be able to understand that it is very fast. We would like to mention the idea of each apartment.

The project "Gaya" This is our first project, we decided to focus on the combination of two colors: white and black. These two colors perfectly match each other and create a unique atmosphere. Black ceiling takes away height space, visually making the space much more.Initially, creating this stylish project, we thought about the image of a young man who has not yet started a family and prefers to live a certain style, from car to clothes. Of course, it is an active person who is constantly growing in its requirements, it is very important the level and status of its housing. In our opinion, this project is ideal can come to such a person.

The project "Sunny" Is our most successful projects. Initially, creating this interior, we thought about the young girl and guy who just started to live together, and their life is full of bright colors. This young, active people who travel a lot, have a taste, can afford to live downtown and not have a car and use Uber. People who can plan their travel with Airbnb. They live bright and saturated, and they are not willing to give a year or two of his life to creating the house of your dreams. When creating this project, we have focused on the bright orange Smeg refrigerator. It is the center of the project, the Italian taste of life, which is filled with the bright color.

The project "Meridiana" This project was created for an adult couple or one adult person. Most likely, the age of the people living in this apartment, 55+. The emphasis in this project is made on a classic kitchen Berloni. It is made in shades of natural wood, and the whole apartment is a reflection of this cuisine. The combination of brown and white color creates a peaceful tone and atmosphere of well-being, not the desire in a hurry.For people in this age group is very important to the availability of suitable infrastructure, which includes the city centre. Pedestrian Boulevard, Park availability - all this makes the project especially attractive for this category of people. Surely, these people have made a lot of apartments or built many houses in his life. Of course, they will be able to appreciate the level of repair and the equipment of the apartments under the brand name "Ready-made apartments from BERLONI".

Compare the three individual projects Finished apartments from BERLONI

Compare the three individual projects Finished apartments from BERLONI

Compare the three individual projects Finished apartments from BERLONI

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