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Gusev A. V. seminar. How to increase number of transactions twice

Добавлена: 17.10.2014   Количество просмотров: 5137

Gusev A. V. seminar. How to increase number of transactions twice

Business – business not simple, irrespective of a field of activity. But, as we know, if it is correct to choose strategy of its maintaining, you is guaranteed get profit. If you are engaged in real estate, have to be improved constantly, and business trainings where it is possible to learn about all subtleties of a profession of the realtor perfectly help with it.

On October 16 in Rostov on Don the seminar training under the name "How to Increase Number of Transactions Twice" took place.

The staff of agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, together with colleagues from real estate agencies of the city, didn't miss opportunity to visit this interesting action. The training which opened the most important questions of work of real estate agency and realtors was carried out by the professional coach Gusev Alexey Vladimirovich.
The seminar is intended for those agents who already have length of service, but don't know how to start working in a different way to achieve bigger, and also for realtors - beginners, trainees and those who wants to improve the skills. If you work from early morning to the late evening, but you conclude few bargains, you need to visit such seminar. Not superfluous will be to visit this action and to heads of agencies who also conclude successful bargains, but, despite it, wish to achieve the best results, both for themselves, and for employees.

Having visited this training, you will understand that you shouldn't come to such action that whom not than to be engaged, or to the person considering that he already knows everything. Not teaching to realtors, as to students, parallel material, and training in concrete nuances which can arise in work with real estate was the purpose of a seminar.

Visit of a seminar allowed to communicate to colleagues, to share the gained experience, to discuss questions of cooperation between the companies, payments and justifications of payment of a commission. In addition, participants of a seminar training could gather a lot of useful information how it is correct to present himself, to sell the services at the first meeting with the client and competently to motivate it on the starting price necessary for you.
What new we gathered, having visited training? On action various problems were sounded, including objections of clients and finding of options of carrying out successful dialogue with them were discussed. Except information concerning classical stages of sales, realtors studied the rules front-end and back-end which knowledge allows to provide existence of a constant flow of clients, advantages of the exclusive contract and methods by means of which it is possible to develop the professional confidence.

At a seminar the best practicians of presentations, the concrete plans of work allowing to increase number of successful transactions were sounded. Didn't avoid also feature of human mentality: that the client agreed with the realtor on this or that question, it is necessary to possess special methods of belief.

Visit of a seminar allowed realtors to change the motivation and professional thinking. In addition, experts received additional information how to increase sales several times, to learn to convince clients, to strike up useful acquaintances, to use the time effectively that will allow to earn more. Such trainings help to realize the I, to understand that only thanks to the living position and active actions, you will be able to reach good results in the market of real estate.

In completion of action all attendees received as a gift literature and certificates, having read which, you will stop thinking how it is difficult to earn, and really you will start earning.