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The most expensive real estate in the world

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   Количество просмотров: 19624

The most expensive real estate in the world

It is natural that it is possible to make the list of global megalopolises in which real estate prices can be considered transcendental. As well as in each city, in this stone jungle there are titbits of real estate, good areas, high-quality exclusive constructions.

We will devote today's article to the most expensive real estate of the world,

which is the highest privilege generally for money-bags about whom tell the first positions of ratings.

Such ratings are made regularly by leading analysts on the basis of the standard prices of the most expensive real estate which periodically appears on sale. These lists constantly change, but generally everything is constructed on a rise in price from year to year. These ratings have a certain advantage, after all they are formed not only to take a look and be surprised. On however many there were expensive square meters, but some analysts nevertheless call them a basis which forms the world prices for real estate as a whole. Though the mass of examples of the unreasonable prices which make a start from an exclusivity of object and its quality of construction is also known. And now we will pass to the most interesting – actually, to the rating.

1 . On the first place which year the capital of England is in the lead.

In London the price in 72 000 euros for one square meter of housing was noticed. It actually the most expensive apartment which only can be found in the world. Its area is rather great, more than 320 squares, but thus its total cost is recorded on a mark in 23 000 000 euros. It is located in the heart of the city, overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge.

2 . On the second place of a rating there is Monte-Carlo which is located in the tiny Principality of Monaco. Small, but extremely rich state on a standard of living is the most expensive in Europe. The price for square meter of real estate concedes to the London record for only 2000 euros. Such price was recorded by realtors last year.

3 . Asians too don't lag behind the international standards of luxury therefore very expensive price for square meter was noticed too.

60 000 euros, such price was noticed in roughly developing Hong Kong.

This city got to the list only last year, but now he won't leave it during the long period of time. According to some unchecked "yellow" sources, this city is included in the three of the most magnificent cities, and soon it can quite become the worthy competitor of the English capital.

4 . On the fourth position of a rating that at all doesn't surprise, the capital of our Homeland – Moscow settled down. So, last year the unprecedented record which almost reached a point in 50 000 euros here was set. Asked for one square meter of housing in capital Ostozhenkakh so much.

5 . Japan initially is considered the expensive country, therefore

emergence of Tokyo in this rating is quite expected.

Japanese estimate real estate in the center of the capital to 40 000 euros. Such price acts on the territory of expensive region of Minami-Azabu in which it is rather possible to meet heads of known world corporations.

6 . City of Big Apple,

New York also doesn't lag behind other megalopolises,

though the price is broken a set with London practically twice. Around Central Park the apartment for which square meter asked last year the whole 32 000 euros was found.

7 . Switzerland – the country of big financial operations and unknown stability of economy which regularly generates high prices. If to take average values of cost, they are on a mark in 4000 – 9000 euros for a square. It is expected because inhabitants of Geneva earn exactly two square meters of such real estate in a month. But here too there are champions. So, the penthouse which was made even at the price to the New York record was found in the center of Geneva and also came to the price in 32 000 euros for square meter.

8 . The city which it is necessary to see and die not for nothing was included in this rating.

Yes, it is a question of the most romantic city of a planet – Paris.

If to speak about average cost, these are about 8000-9000 euros for square meter. At the same time the last year's record concedes to New York and Geneva only for 2000 euros for square meter.

9 . Emergence in this rating of Arabs who from time immemorial strove for unknown luxury is also expected.

The highest in the world a skyscraper of "Burj Khalifa"

also contains in itself and a number of inhabited apartments which differ especially large areas. Such apartments cost simply huge money, after all the cost of square meter in them easily reaches a mark in 29 000 euros for one square meter.

10 . One of the world fashionable capitals and in combination

– the capital of Italy is considered one of the most available cities of such high level in the world.

Usually in the center of Rome apartments only in antiquarian houses with 150-year history are on sale, but is constructed they to such an extent strongly that they will suffice yet on one generation of residents. The cost of square meter in them reads off scale for a mark in 10 000 euros.

So, if to trust all ratings which make, in some separately taken cities also there is a very heavy exclusive at the prices. So, for example, in ratings the mountain-skiing town of Sain-Moritz which inflated the prices to 30 000 euros for square meter that is explained by its popularity among fans of active winter recreation was lit. In the City of Angels – Los Angeles, real estate cost also aspires to such high mark. One of the largest cities of Australia also aspires to this mark, especially expensive Uolsili Street on which the cost of square meter grows to the whole 28 000 dollars for a square is considered. India – the country of contrasts, also is allocated on the general background, namely one of the largest cities of Mumbai the real estate in which costs very much – about 25 000 dollars though among Hindus people who afford such luxury, come across extremely seldom.

If to be observant, real estate price level often coincides with a wage level in the cities where it is on sale. Salaries in Europe - one of the highest in the world.