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Market of elite real estate of Rostov-on-Don: we sum up the results

Добавлена: 23.12.2014   Количество просмотров: 4446

Market of elite real estate of Rostov-on-Don: we sum up the results

Traditionally December is considered summing up time in various fields of activity, and the market of real estate of Rostov-on-Don not an exception. What was the leaving 2014?

The elite real estate was always considered as a unique segment of the market, and this year it significantly changed. Building of the majority of multi-storey buildings among which prevail brick and monolithic and frame, irrespective of a housing class came to the end. Such houses are considered the most demanded in the market. In the private sector there were new modern constructions.

Buyers prefer high-quality finishing more and more – some elite objects differ in original design decisions.

Perhaps, the coming year will bring a new branch of modern repairs which will correspond to today's demand for the market. Construction of quality housing with a small amount of apartments which are got usually by those who prefers a uniform social environment proceeds.

In the expiring year there were many events, significant for the sphere of residential real estate.

The crisis phenomena, certainly, played a role that served as a factor of emergence of excessive demand in the end of the year. The housing always was a reliable asset, respectively, if in economy crisis is observed, many prefer to invest in real estate, seeking to keep the savings.

The volume of offers in primary market grew thanks to commissioning of new objects, and also the new apartments offered for sale in already realized housing estates. The "additional" apartment can be leased, so, investments will bring in the income. It should be noted, as the structure of buyers exchanged: the elite housing is acquired by the people who had accumulation in dollars. Before they could buy real estate of middle class, but were nevertheless more patient than others and benefited from devaluation of ruble. Whether there will be a growth or decrease in rubles, weakening of domestic currency will be essential and levels falling, it isn't known yet. It will be shown by spring of 2015. But, despite all these economic, political and currency fluctuations the market of elite real estate continues to live.

If at you it is impossible to organize a meeting of New 2015 in the new apartment, but the desire to replace housing after all is, it isn't recommended to postpone it for a long time.

Long festive vacation will become the ideal period for purchase of elite real estate or its active searches. After all purchase of the apartment or house is required a lot of time, and in the working days hardly it will be to deal with such serious issue.

New Year's holidays – time when it is possible to study carefully all offers, without hurrying to examine the pleasant objects. The market during this period as if fades that gives the chance to receive a considerable discount. For those who will decide to buy real estate in agency Maralin Ru in December and on New Year's holidays, we prepared a gift – registration of the property right in one day.

Reliability, stability – the key to success in any activity. We want to congratulate colleagues and our clients with coming 2015, to wish financial success, new plans and creative ideas. Let in your houses it will be always cozy that always there was a wish to come back to them that you always someone waited for the house. We hope that everything of what you dream, will come true, and we for you will pick up the suitable house!