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Maralin Ru has taken part in round tables of the UPN and Sberbank

Добавлена: 20.03.2016   Количество просмотров: 3607

Maralin Ru has taken part in round tables of the UPN and Sberbank

In Rostov-on-Don on March 18 in the main office of PJSC Sberbank round tables on which the topical issues concerning the market of real estate were discussed have taken place. Maralin Ru hasn't missed an opportunity to take part in this action and I have won a victory in the Realtor Duel-2016 tournament. This professional competition of successful agents which purpose is formation of criteria of success of realtors, desire to receive skills of effective work with clients, and also incentive to further successful development. Ivan Butenko became the winner.

The subject "Nekkomerchesky Partnership " the Southern Chamber of Real Estate " — the Locomotive or a Brake of Development of the Market of Real Estate" became discussion of one of round tables. His leaders became Alexey Maralin (AN Maralin Ru), Pyotr Zaporozhets (AN your Choice +), Alexander Konochkin (The center of real estate Alex) and Marina Stroyeva (AN Don MT real estate), conversation has drawn attention of a great number of active participants.

Prospects of development of Non-profit Partnership, and also questions concerning certification and training of realtors were violently discussed. The main objective of "The southern chamber of real estate" is coordination of activity of real estate agencies of the region that is successfully carried out today, including certification – the qualification was confirmed by more than 600 experts. Besides, work on preparation of documents for the introduction of partnership in SRO is conducted.

There was a conversation not less actively and other round table where discussed ways of further development of the realtor companies of the region, including application in work of system of a separate commission.

There was out of discussion also no Uniform multilisting system of real estate which is information space, the effective tool for work of all participants of the market of real estate and also the questions concerning training of realtors.
Within action there has taken place conference during which attendees have listened to reports of staff of PJSC Sberbank. Features of registration of transactions with real estate, and also application of effective technologies at interaction of PJSC Sberbank with the realtor companies became a subject. In total there were about 200 people, including heads of real estate agencies and workers of the legal sphere.

Speech of the leading business coaches "Rielt-academy" Sergey Kruts and Dmitry Rakitin of the Internet technologies which have submitted the program on development and technology of successful sales became a result of action.

Attendees could not only increase the professional level, but also consult on all questions interesting them at the experts having a wide experience of work in the sphere of real estate.