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Maralin Ru participated in seminar VTB 24

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Maralin Ru participated in seminar VTB 24

On November 11 in Rostov-on-Don in one of the largest Russian banks - VTB 24 with which our agency of elite real estate concluded not so long ago the partner agreement, took place a seminar for the realtors who are members of non-profit partnership of the Southern chamber of real estate which became the initiator of this event.

We didn't fail to use a case and to take part in discussion of the important questions concerning optimization of work of specialists of real estate agencies, efficiency of use of mortgage products of bank and improvement of quality of in common rendered services that allowed us to fill up the knowledge base with useful information, and also to share experience with other participants of a seminar.

Having visited such actions, the realtor cooperating with bank always will be able to offer the buyer receiving the long-term credit and to give it qualified help in decision-making. In turn the bank offers services of the reliable and checked agents.

It should be noted that we any more cooperate the first year with VTB 24 bank in the sphere of mortgage lending

At a seminar specialists of VTB 24 submitted various programs of mortgage lending of clients on favorable terms, told about pluses and minuses of these products, and also about equipment of sales. Discussion of a discount on the mortgage making 1% of a base interest rate that brings considerable benefit became the main subject of a seminar, opening for our clients many new opportunities. This discount allows to get to the client that real estate object which was pleasant, but funds for it didn't suffice. This sum can be issued favourably on credit in VTB 24 bank.

To receive a privilege on a mortgage, it is enough to client to provide in bank the petition from our real estate agency

VTB 24 offers unique opportunity – to issue the credit on the security of available housing for the sum from 500 000 rubles and more than a term of 5 years, the interest rate for programs makes from 11% per annum requirements to which are also lowered.

The credit for a new building under the preliminary contract which special conditions will allow to get favourably to the apartment in the house under construction isn't less attractive. Besides, in VTB 24 bank it is possible to issue the credit for purchase of the real estate which is in property less than three years.

On consideration of your demand and decision-making 5 days is required

You will be able to repay ahead of schedule the credit without penalties and the commissions, since the moment of its registration.

It is known that similar transactions don't do without minuses, for example, such as refusal of repayment of mortgages. The buyer wishes to buy the apartment acquired in a mortgage, issued in other bank. In turn, repayment of a mortgage loan, encumbrance removal belongs to duties of the seller, and, naturally, sale. In the presence at the buyer necessary the sum the problem will be solved in short terms, but, nevertheless there are risks. After all the remains on the credit often considerable, and them it is necessary to transfer to the seller of the apartment to remove encumbrance under the preliminary contract. We consider that repayment of mortgages by banks at the partner banks then the first would repawn this real estate object would be an exit from this situation, giving out to the clients the credit under it.

Our agency is constantly improved in the work, increasing quality of rendered services which are provided by our certified experts at rather high level, and cooperation with VTB 24 allows us to guarantee only a successful conclusion of transactions.