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Maralin Ru – the official partner of Sberbank of Russia

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Maralin Ru – the official partner of Sberbank of Russia

In the next plans purchase of the elite apartment or comfortable country housing? It is possible to realize them in short terms with agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru which in the current year became the official partner of "Sberbank". Our company constantly seeks to improve the activity in the sphere of real estate, respectively, we offer quality services. And for this reason the decision to cooperate with "Sberbank" was made. Besides, in October we entered ten the companies which render services to the clients who asked for the help in receiving the credit and to selection of options.

Today "Sberbank" is ready to offer different types of crediting, including also preferential terms. On average, the rate makes 13%,

thus calculation is conducted directly for each of borrowers after granting a necessary package of documents to them. It should be noted that the borrower at the time of registration of the credit has to be not less than 21 years old. For receiving the credit with the minimum percent the borrower has to be officially employed, and his length of service on the current place has to make not less than half a year. The income is also officially confirmed. (Till 35 years) privileges are provided to young families.

According to conditions of the mortgage program our clients can get as under construction, so already and ready housing in a new building. Thus, the date of completion of construction isn't limited to conditions of the program.

The credit can be issued both in a place of registration of the borrower, and in the location of the acquired real estate, or in a place of accreditation of the employer of the borrower. The demand will be considered in the fastest terms, the sum of the credit can be provided at a time or parts, and repayment is carried out by equal payments monthly. Besides, having issued a mortgage in our company, clients according to the statement can use possibility of early repayment which minimum size isn't limited.

Concluding the bargain, buyers can use safe and favorable forms of calculations.

So, it is possible to use the individual safe that will allow for the period before registration of pledge not to provide still any providing on the credit. Money is transferred to the seller only after the contract of purchase and sale and object is registered will carry over the buyer. Cooperation with "Sberbank" allows to optimize work of agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, to make it more effective, after all we work with the serious partner which quality of services doesn't raise doubts. We will be able to increase quality of the services and to make great progress in the market.