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Недвижимость в Ростове-на-Дону

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The agency of the elite real estate Maralin Ru works not the first year at the real estate market of the Rostov region. In the company experienced realtors, specialists of the case work that allows to solve objectives most successfully. And the other day the friendly and professional staff of the agency was replenished. Now in the company two remarkable girls – Panina Anastasia, the expert of the market of the elite real estate and Tolstikhina Yulia – the content manager work.

The core business of the agency – rendering services in the sphere of purchase and sale of real estate objects and parcels of land, complete support of transactions, including such highlights as execution of the provisional agreement, final settlement and receipt of the certificate on the property right.

The company renders complex services as for physical, and legal entities.

Basis of success in business is qualification of the specialist that affects activities of all company. Professionalism of the staff of the agency Maralin Ru certified according to single standards of the Russian Guild of Realtors allows to guarantee the high level of rendering services, each of realtors approaches the solution of this or that task with responsibility. At the same time in each situation individual approach is used.

We hope that new employees will be able to enclose in work of collective in which mutual understanding reigns, kindness, a positive spirit and interchangeability, a part of, so, it is even better to make it.