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What commission is received by realtors of the different countries

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What commission is received by realtors of the different countries

Ways of calculation of the commissions of realtors differ depending on the country. The sum can depend as on type of object and its price, and on the rules established by a certain company. In addition, add a value added tax to the sum of the commission, its rate differs depending on the country. For example, in Austria the size of the commission together with a tax makes 3,6%. Pays it both the seller, and the buyer. The sum of remuneration is determined according to the established law therefore the realtor has no right to demand more.
In Bulgaria the commission of 2-5%, is paid by both parties,

but happens that these expenses are paid only by the seller. Remuneration makes 2-3%, and, the project cost is higher, the it is less. The legislation doesn't regulate the commission, respectively, the realtor can demand and a large sum, sometimes it reaches do10%.
The commission of the Hungarian realtors of about 3% of a project cost, and a value added tax – 27%. Generally remuneration sellers pay. Buying real estate in Bulgaria and Hungary, specify, the sum of the commission enters its price.
In Great Britain the realtor is both at the buyer, and at the seller. At refusal of the buyer of realtor services, the commission is paid by the seller to the agent. Such practice meets in London. There foreigners it is favorable to them to pay search of exclusive real estate objects, an expert assessment or support of the transaction buy real estate generally. The sum of the commission is lower in comparison with other countries here. At independent agencies it makes to 0,5% of the real estate price. The most widespread is the size of the commission in 1,5-2%, but there is it reaches 2,5-3%.
Upon purchase of real estate worth from 5 to 15 million pounds sterling the sum of the commission will make 1-2%, from 20 million – to 1%. Investment offers in the range of 50-500 thousand are an exception since developers to attract potential buyers, are ready to pay 5-7%. In this country the law doesn't regulate the commission, it is defined by the contract of the transaction of purchase and sale and the competition. By results of negotiations of the seller, realtor and developer possibly granting discounts for the commission.
In Germany, if contract price of real estate to 15 million euros, the commission of 3,57-7,14%

with 19 VAT %. If the project cost is higher, it isn't less than 2,38% taking into account a tax. The law doesn't regulate the commission, its sum is determined by association of realtors. The competition affects amount of remuneration. Buyers pay the commission here, than sellers more often. Clients from Russia practically always incur expenses on payment of the commission, sellers will hardly pay, especially, if the object is liquid.

To the Greek realtors the commission is paid both sellers, and buyers. Amount of remuneration depends on the separate market: from the seller it sometimes makes 5%, and from the buyer – 3%. More often it happens at those agencies which work with the foreign citizens demanding the high level of service. On real estate expensive the commission is lower, for example, if its price is higher than 1-2 million euros, the buyer will pay 1% of the commission. Earlier the commission was regulated legislatively, each of the parties paid on 2%, the law now given is cancelled. The transactions to one million euros which are considered standard are more often carried out without the commission.

The Spanish sellers of real estate practically always should pay the commission of 1,5-5% of an amount of transaction. If the real estate costs not much, the commission is fixed – 6000 euros. On secondary real estate the percent of the commission is higher, unlike the primary. Sometimes realtors agree to offer partially the commission, especially, if it is necessary to realize real estate quickly.

The Italian buyers of real estate and sellers halve the sum of the commission.

For example, in Liguria irrespective of, what amount of transaction, they pay on 3% plus 22% of the VAT. Such rate is recommended by local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In some companies the size of a rate can make 4%.

Legislatively the sum of the commission paid to the Italian realtors isn't regulated, but there is a situation approved by Chambers of Commerce and Industry of various areas. According to this situation, in certain areas the commission is established by the realtor. In this case at calculation consider the operating orders and customs long ago. It is taken into account in case of judicial proceedings. For example, if the agent requested 5%, and the client didn't wish them to pay, the court obliges him to pay to the agent of 3%, i.e. so-so the statistical sum of the commission for similar services provided for payment in this area.

Clients in Italy who prefer to work with one agency, can receive a discount for the commission. If you buy very expensive object, to you too will give a discount, and for regular customers on the commission privileges are established.

The commission of the realtor on the lake of Cyprus – 3,8%, average – 5%. It is formed proceeding from a look, the price of real estate, the region. Happens that one real estate more expensively the commission is a little lower, but everything is more often is based on arrangements of the realtor and seller. It is possible to receive a discount, but it is very rare and in the secondary market, generally that "not to lose" the client therefore its sum is insignificant – 1-2%. The value added tax from all commission pays the agent.

Dubai differs in that the commission not fixed here. It can make both 2%, and 3%, and 4%. At a low project cost the commission small and fixed. In most cases it buyers pay, but upon purchase of primary real estate, remuneration to the realtor is paid by the builder. In the United Arab Emirates the law doesn't regulate the size of the commission. The remuneration sum is created on the basis of the market competition here. It should be noted that the value added tax and additional margins to the sums of the commissions in the United Arab Emirates are absent.

The Latvian sellers unlike others should pay the commission. With the buyer it is halved quite seldom. It happens at very cheap sale of unique object. Usually the commission makes 3-5% of the object price if the real estate is more expensive, 2-3%. It isn't regulated by the law, the percent is defined by contracts of purchase and sale and the competition.

In the south of Portugal the commission is standard – 5%. If the object costs less than 100000 euro, the commission will make 5 000 euros. Here all agencies work with the VAT therefore to this sum 23% of a tax are plused. That is, the VAT is added to 5000 euros and 6150 euros turn out. It is the size of the commission which the seller pays to agency if he sells real estate at the price less than 100000 euros. The percent of the commission is lower or higher than the standard meets seldom, generally if bank or the developer want to stimulate fast sale. The seller pays the commission. At will the buyer can pay in addition to the realtor for well performed work, but it will be exclusive his initiative. Discounts are an unusual occurrence here.

To pay for services of realtors in Slovenia it isn't so expensive, as in the listed above countries. The seller and the buyer pay on 2%. The legislation regulates remuneration, respectively, the realtor has no right to take from clients more than the established size.

In the United States almost always the commission is paid by the seller.

At the object price to one million dollars, it will average 5-6%, more than one million — 4–4,5%. At transactions for the sum more than one million dollars, the size will decrease to 2-3% or will become fixed, discussed in advance. Happens that the agreement under the terms of which services will be paid in the sum not less than 2,5% to the agent of the buyer, irrespective of the general size of commission charges is formed. For example, if all commission of 4%, and under the terms it is halved on the buyer and the seller, respectively, the buyer has to pay in addition to the realtor company 0,5%, but not to the agent as it it is independent not in the right to accept payment.

In the States adhere to rules everywhere. It means that the size of the commission is determined by the arrangement of the parties, it don't fix the law. In spite of the fact that the commission made a reservation in advance, both the seller, and the buyer can propose to reduce the sum at completion of negotiations. The agency can not agree or concede with it to reach the common decision of a problem.

Thailand differs in that the commission here is paid always by sellers. Its sum – 3-5%. The value added tax is paid by the company earning reward.

The commission is equal in Turkey 3%, but it can change considerably. It depends both on the city, and on the project. If it is primary real estate, the size of the commission is determined by the developer. This sum is included into the price of the sold real estate. At sale of a vtorichka the realtor includes the size of the commission to the price which was established by the seller. The law here too doesn't regulate the commission, it isn't advertized by the realtor and the seller. The seller pays it always, the agency pays a tax. Discounts aren't present here, with it it is simpler in Alania. Here it is possible to receive occasionally a discount at the developer but only if the client addressed directly. Often do discounts realtors and agencies. In small agencies few overhead costs therefore it is simpler to them to share with the buyer part of the commission.

The agent's commission charges in Finland - 3–5%, sellers pay it, depending on agency the rate can change. Happens that the agency concludes the sponsorial agreement with the buyer to find some concrete object. The commission to agency in this case is paid by the buyer, it shouldn't be collected from the seller. There are no discounts.

To the French realtors the commission is paid by agreement: either buyer, or seller.

It is more favorable to separate the commission from a project cost to the buyer of "vtorichka" since eight percentage notarial collecting thus doesn't work. If the credit is made out by the buyer, not favourably to separate the commission. Take the credit from all the sum, payment of the commission is assigned to the seller. If to get the apartment in the French new building, the commission the developer will pay. The buyer doesn't pay remuneration. More often the seller pays commission charges.

Determine the size of the commission in France depending on the real estate price. If it to 50000 euros, the commission makes 8%, in the range of 50 000 - 12 000 euros — 7%, 120 000 - 200 000 — 6,5%, 200 000 – 500 000 — 6%, 500 000 – 1 000 000 — 5%, over 1 million euros - 4,5%. But generally size of the commission contractual. It is discussed when signing documents. Builders fix that sum which is planned for payment to any agency at sale of any object. The law No. 70-9 approved in January, 1970 regulates the commission. If to bargain, perhaps to receive a discount.

In Croatia 3% pay both parties, including 25% of a tax.

In large deals the percent decreases, thus it is necessary to discuss previously it in agency. If the object costs less than 40000 euro, the minimum commission will make 1500 euros. Calculation of the size of the commission is identical both for primary, and to the secondary market. Regulates work of agencies and the sum of the commission "The law on intermediary services at a real estate turn". In a percentage ratio the commission is defined by the contract on rendering intermediary services. It is possible to speak about discounts when carrying out large deals.

The Czech realtors are paid on average by 2–5% of the commission and if the tax pays agency, taking into account its sum. If real estate inexpensive, the commission fixed, for example, not less than 2 000 euros. In case of purchase of expensive object it can be equal to 1%. Who will pay the commission, defines the arrangement of the buyer, seller and builder. If payment of the commission to agency is assigned to the builder, it makes 1-3%. The Czech real estate is demanded therefore not each developer will pay remuneration to agency, after all it will be realized anyway. The commission paid by the developer stimulates agencies that allows to attract, for example, the Russian buyers. In this couples agency it is guaranteed will receive the commission from the developer. The buyer doesn't pay for services of agency.

In Montenegro it is necessary to pay 3-5% for services of the realtor. Payment of the commission is assigned to the seller, and, not very well, primary he sells real estate, or secondary. The commission is less on objects from one million euros or located in popular complexes. Happens that the developer offers a discount to the buyer, and the agent has an opportunity at the expense of the commission a little it to increase. The seller and the realtor agree, to plus a tax to the commission or not.

The commission of the Swiss agencies – 3%. The seller pays it. If the inexpensive object is on sale, the realtor can make secure and state in the contract amount of remuneration not as a percentage, and in money. For example, if the house is on sale for 533000 francs, the minimum sum of the commission will be equal 16000 francs (3% of cost) even if the housing will be sold cheaper.