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How to bargain when buying an apartment

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How to bargain when buying an apartment

Choose an apartment and have already found a suitable one, but its cost seems to you inflated?                 

Try to convince the seller to lower the price. With a skillful approach to business, you will have decent chances of saving in the amount of 3-10% of the amount declared initially.

Pick up objective arguments

Unreasonable nitpicking annoying. If the seller considers that you take the flaws literally from the air, he will refuse to deal with you. Therefore, analyze in advance what exactly in the condition and location of the apartment really deserves criticism. The list may include:

floor (first or last); unattractive view from the window; lack of major repairs; remoteness from traffic intersections; lack of nearby infrastructure.

Also pay attention to possible inconsistencies between the description of the apartment in the ad and the actual situation. For example, if the seller stated that it takes five minutes to get to the bus stop, and you have experimentally determined that all are fifteen, feel free to ask for a discount.

See when the apartment was for sale


It happens that housing without real flaws "hangs" on sale for an unreasonably long time. For the seller, this situation is completely unenviable, but for you there is an opportunity to bring down the price a little.

As if by chance, mention that the apartment has been on sale for several months. It is possible that you will make concessions, because when the next buyer appears, no one knows.

Buy with your money

Without a bank, the transaction process takes less time, which means that the seller will receive his money faster.

Therefore, buyers who are ready to purchase housing for their own savings are worth its weight in gold. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to suggest the seller to slightly reduce the price.

Do not go beyond the reasonable

If you see that the price of the apartment you like corresponds to the market price, moderate your expectations about the expected discount.

A symbolic amount may be assigned to you, but do not expect the seller to agree to sell the apartment for nothing.

Try unreasonable bargaining

If the apartment fits perfectly, it does not have objective flaws, and the price is within the market range, try to ask for a discount without reliance on logical arguments. Ask the seller directly if he is ready to give in any small amount.

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