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How to buy an apartment with the help of maternity capital

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How to buy an apartment with the help of maternity capital

Who and how is allowed to use the maternity capital for the purchase of housing, are there any restrictions? Let's understand.

Buying an apartment in the secondary market with the involvement of the parent (family) capital

Do you plan to purchase housing in the secondary market? First, you need to find a few suitable for the footage and location options. Then — to find out which of the sellers is ready to wait to receive money. The fact is that it is impossible to pay immediately with the mother's capital. The required amount will come to the seller's account about 60 days after registration of ownership of the apartment. Not all homeowners enthusiastically accept this offer: someone needs money urgently, others are afraid of possible deception.

The procedure of transfer of rights of ownership acquired by using the means of mercapital is design according to the standard contract of purchase and sale of real estate. There is an important nuance: in the document it is fixed what part is paid from personal funds (from the seller the receipt confirming that he received the specified sum) and what Pension Fund will pay later is taken. The document also prescribes that the right of ownership of housing is retained by the seller until the moment when the missing money arrives.

Note: share in apartment with the design of property rights allocated in equal parts to all members of the family.

How to buy an apartment in a new building on the maternity capital

At the initial stage, housing in a new building with the help of matkapital can not be purchased. There is a mandatory condition: the house must be built at least 70%.

The representative of the developer is required to immediately inform that the housing is purchased with partial use of the parent capital, which implies a delay of payment for about two months. If the construction company works with this state program, it will offer to register an equity participation agreement. Do not forget that some of the money for an apartment in a new house must be paid from their own funds. On the transaction is required to inform the staff of the Pension Fund.

Purchase of housing with mortgage lending

Maternity capital can be used in two ways:

pay the down payment on the mortgage (it is allowed to use the funds immediately after the birth of the second child);

pay off the principal, if before the property was purchased with a mortgage (only after the baby turns three years).

A good buy and a speedy move into a new apartment

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