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2018 world Cup: rent an apartment in Rostov and get rich

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2018 world Cup: rent an apartment in Rostov and get rich

The rise in rental prices of apartments in host cities of the world Cup was the subject of discussion by the Federal and local media. In Saransk, for example, football fans were offered to rent an apartment worth 1 million rubles a day! But do not be surprised, offers of this kind can be found in Rostov-on-don. Is it really the owners of Rostov real estate showered "Golden" rain and become a millionaire can be just a couple of weeks?

2018 world Cup: prudent foreigners and crazy prices!

Demand for apartments began to grow rapidly in April 2018. This is due to the shortage of available rooms in hotels and guest houses of the city.

To date, budget rooms in most hotels have already been booked, which made pragmatic guests of the South of Russia to look for apartments for rent.

- The cost of the apartment depends on its location, quality of the situation and transport accessibility. But this does not mean that the apartment in the center can be rented at a price of 50 000 rubles per day, and apartments in residential areas will not be in demand. As practice shows, common sense does not leave football fans even on the eve of such an important event and they are ready to consider options for renting apartments,both in the city center and in more remote areas - says the Chairman of the southern Chamber of Real estate (AR YUPN) Alexander Konochkin. 

To date, the Agency, which are part of the southern Chamber of real Estate, has already received a fairly large number of applications for rental apartments from both Russian and foreign citizens.

The average cost of the apartment is 1700-5000 rubles per day in residential areas and from 10 000 to 50 000 rubles per day in the city center.

There are more expensive apartments worth several hundred thousand rubles per month.

Real estate companies-members of AR YUPN cause the greatest trust of foreign guests, so to rent an apartment with their help is quite simple, - says the head of the public relations Committee of the southern Chamber of Real estate Diana Nazarova.Today, some agencies are experiencing a shortage of apartments and houses for rent and are ready to accept offers from property owners. If you want to rent a house and be sure of getting money - contact a reliable real estate company. Just go to the website of the southern Chamber of real Estate and select the Agency with which you would like to work.

How profitable to rent an apartment during the 2018 world Cup?

The excitement around the square meters for football fans will soon be over, and only those who own the situation in the rental market will be able to benefit from it.

That is why experts do not recommend to engage in the delivery of houses or apartments for rent, and entrust it to professionals.

First, real estate companies, which are part of the AR YUPN closely cooperate not only with travel agencies, but also with the service of accommodation of fans. Thus, they receive a large flow of hot demand for real estate and quickly settle it on the formed base of apartments. And if you have already left your application on the website of the chamber, then you have all the chances to get a high income from renting out real estate in just 1 month of the world Cup in Russia. 

Secondly, only when renting an apartment through the member companies of the AR YUPN, the owners will be able to get insurance in case of: flooding, fire and property damage. And this is important, because football fans-people are temperamental and not always predictable.

Third, experts clearly know at what cost the apartment will not be idle and the day and will be able to bring the owner the maximum possible income. 

Fourth, you can rent not only an apartment, but also a house and even a room. Contact professionals and they will help you to convert your square meters into European currency.

Do you want to rent or rent an apartment during the world Cup -2018?

Is it important for you to get a guarantee of security of the transaction? Do you want to be sure of the integrity of your property? Contact a reliable real estate Agency and they will take all the risks!

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