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Whether there will be a rise in prices for elite real estate?

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   Количество просмотров: 4977

Whether there will be a rise in prices for elite real estate?

Here also end of the first half of the year that allows to sum up the results of the market of elite real estate for this period comes nearer. It should be noted that the beginning of year was quite unusual as there were many elite objects offered for sale, it both private houses, and apartments.

What influenced growth of offers?

What strange it wouldn't seem, but some elite objects sell for such banal reason, as improvement of living conditions. And it isn't surprising, after all buyers who have opportunity to get an elite country house or the apartment a class premium, will always aspire to more comfortable conditions of accommodation. It is known that elite houses and apartments differ special conditions. Such housing attracts not only a convenient site and all necessary infrastructure which was in close proximity, but also existence of a green zone, the silent elevators, the protected domestic territory and a parking.

Growth of offers was promoted also by such reasons, as residence change, the inheritance section, divorce and other family circumstances,

therefore today in Rostov-on-Don it is possible to acquire elite real estate of any category. In the central part of the city since the beginning of year some well-planned housing estates that led to growth of offers from investors are put in operation. Also there were the new private houses built specially on sale, or are on sale as moving to other city is planned. It is known that it was favorable to put in real estate always, in any economic situation. Elite and liquid objects are the best tool which can protect money from inflation. Our city dynamically develops therefore the real estate here always will be in the price, and the correct investments, without doubts, will yield excellent result, and, in short terms.

Now we will talk about demand,

whether the essential growth of offers had on it impact? If to compare with last year, demand went down, but it doesn't mean at all that it is absent. Demand for elite real estate within half a year differed enviable stability, and, the clients who were interested in this segment, really wished to acquire new housing. As a whole in the II quarter of the current year in the market of elite real estate to potential buyers is from what to choose. The situation with demand is influenced also by active work of banks. Considerable volumes of the proceeds of credit, allowing to buy rather significant acquisition are given: the well-planned elite house in the country, the spacious apartment in the club house located in the prestigious district of the city, housing in a multystoried new building or a housing estate a class premium.

If to speak about the prices of elite housing, estimated, and market cost a few to be separated.

It is possible to track accurately dynamics of the prices from the beginning of year. What will bring to us summer, whether the prices of elite real estate will raise or remain on a former place? It is quite difficult to predict any changes of price policy in the market of elite real estate on the near future, but, it is possible to tell that emergence of a large number of the objects under construction, which terms of delivery are already planned, will lead to the mass offer, and it can't but constrain the prices in this segment. Respectively, there will be many qualitative objects at enough acceptable prices. We will hope that soon in world economy there will be no serious shocks, and the situation in the market of elite real estate of the city will remain stable.