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Sopin Dmitry Alexandrovich

Sopin Dmitry Alexandrovich

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

Phone: +7 (989) 511-58-66

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0872

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"My home is my castle"... it would Seem that this well-known saying perfectly describes the attitude of our compatriots to buy a home. Any dreams of his own, a comfortable home, which is cozy and quiet for all family members. But not everyone is able to choose the right property. And to help in solving this problem is the task of the expert in the field of real estate. Only an experienced realtor can help you purchase the dream life of any person.

I am the person this dream, no more, no less. After all, to choose housing need, carefully thinking through all the details. As soon as people don't call it "family nest", "den" or "fortress". In your house they spend a large part of life, rejoice, grieve, raise children and make plans for the future. That is why the specialist needs to effectively solve the task of object selection and successful completion of the transaction. In real estate I came on his heart, and after a while, I can affirmatively say it did not deceive me.

About me: Sopin Dmitry Alexandrovich, born in 1971, Rostov-on-don. Studied in school №59 from 1978 to 1986 he Graduated in 1991, Rostov technical school of railway transport, in 2010 he received his degree bachelor of management (RSEI), and in 2017 he entered the master SFU. Candidate master of sports in track Cycling. Bringing up two daughters. 1996 - 2015 worked in companies associated with wholesale sales of petroleum products and oil refining. Passed all stages - from sales Manager to Director of the company.


Certificate - Certifies that Sopin Dmitry Aleksandrovich possesses the knowledge conforming to the requirements imposed by the STO RGR Standard