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Rogozhin Denis Valerievich

Rogozhin Denis Valerievich

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

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Rogozhin Denis V. engaged in real estate for more than 6 years. The main specialization today - luxury real estate.

The profession of a realtor, like any other, requires a diploma of higher education. At the time, I graduated from the S. V. Rachmaninov RGC with a degree in choral conducting.You can ask the question: pomogaete it work? In any case, it does not interfere. I knew that I would be engaged in real estate even before the moment I came into this profession, despite the fact that initially there was a consumer interest in it. As the father of the family, from time to time I thought about how to increase the number of square meters of their own housing. 

In the process of finding a suitable property, I noticed that the specialists of the companies that offered me the next option, poorly oriented in the segment with which they work. It was during this period that I had a desire to understand the profession, which I then had a superficial idea. But the most interesting thing was waiting for me in the future, when it was necessary to perform a lot of actions and make important decisions aimed at improving the quality of life of my close and distant relatives. Since the profession of a realtor is often Advisory nature of relationships between people, after a time I met with a team of professionals. 

Perhaps my story is like a children's tale. But I assure you, anything is possible in life. Especially if you know what you want and what your customers expect, even if they have their own, unusual wishes. In the process of choosing the necessary real estate, whether it is residential or commercial, it is always important to take into account the wishes of all parties to the transaction. And, first of all, the wishes of the client. It's not that the client is always right, it is important whether he is ready to make clear and balanced decisions in this direction.

Always before presenting an apartment, house or office to a client, I try to put myself in his place. And I ask myself a number of questions. Why choose this option? Which object is more interesting than it differs from other proposals? What are the undeniable advantages of this facility? What technical issues may arise? And, most importantly, how soon the client will be able to get a full package of documents and call this property his 100 percent?