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The bulletin on purchase and sale of luxury real estate

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Panina Anastasiya Alexandrovna

Panina Anastasiya Alexandrovna

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

Phone: +7 (950) 843-46-88, +7 (863) 260-12-13

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0721

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To work in real estate field was my longtime desire therefore the problem of the choice of a professional way for me wasn't urgent. I began to be engaged in property sale in student's years and I plan to develop the skills in the future.
I like to be responsible before clients, for them purchase and sale of the real estate is very significant event. The positive result of my work helps the buyer to make a right choice, as a result people with pleasure equip the new house. For someone it is an opportunity to create the family center, to realize old dreams and plans, for others are investments into the safe future. Anyway, importance of such event for the client as purchase or property sale, it is impossible to revaluate.
I want to tell that work in real estate field isn't deprived of the creative beginning as practically each object of the elite real estate is unique. In its creation forces, work and the imagination of many people, from the owner who is an inspirer, to the builders realizing creative plans are put.
I have the higher pedagogical education. In 2014 graduated from sociohistorical faculty of Southern Federal University. My work experience in real estate field more than 5 years. Worked in a number of large real estate agencies of the city of Rostov-on-Don. During this time I learned to perform the work so that clients could receive that they want, to receive the most profitable result. Today I can tell with confidence that I didn't make the wrong choice of a professional way. I very much love the work and is happy that I have an opportunity to implement all the potential in great staff of the agency of the elite real estate Maralin Ru.


Certificate - It is issued to Panina (Garakh) Anastasia that she participated in Alexey Gusev's seminar training: Personal strategy of success of the realtor in new reality Certificate - Certificates that Panina Anastasia Alexandrovna has knowledge conforming to requirements imposed by the Standard HUNDRED RGR "Realtor activities. Services broker in the real estate market. General requirements" and certifications.