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Kuznetsova Anna Yurevna

Kuznetsova Anna Yurevna

Post: Specialist in interior photographing. Editor-in-chief of Maralin Magazine

Phone: +7 (863) 299-95-65

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"Any goods, whatever it were, have to be presented for the client in the best possible way. The goods are more expensive, the potential buyers want to know more information about it. As for real estate objects, their pictures I try to take so that really to open all parties of each of them so that visit of object wasn't then for the buyer a surprise. Compliance of reality has to border on deep creative approach densely. This my credo thanks to which I really see the work interesting and versatile. Each real estate has the features, the advantages and the shortcomings. Everything has to be transparent for each client, both in contracts, and in external features of object. Each house, each apartment, something are good in own way, exactly it forces me to apply an individual approach to photography. The wide experience allows me to take pictures realistic, juicy and truthful. Many people believe that successful pictures of the house or the apartment much simpler to make, than a picture of the person. For this reason often there are not informative images which don't have a place in my work. The photo which opens nothing, at all has no right for existence regardless because that gets to a lens".

Kuznetsova Anna Yurevna. Photographer. Works in the sphere of operations with real estate since 2008. I got the higher legal education. However, it found the calling only in work with interiors. Independent and conscious transition to this area made her especially valuable expert who works with all the heart, completely indulging in creative process. Experience of creation of the professional photo since 2010. Specializes on an interior photo. Considers that creative approach to each task allows to open not only contents of each photo, but also to open for itself something new with each photoset. Such high-quality approach to working process allowed it to develop quickly what it is possible to judge, looking at the pictures taken by her hands. All photos of real estate objects which pass Maralin Ru through agency of elite real estate are her works. As well as each rather creative person, has some serious hobbies, among which music, sports and reading books. Within a short period of time quickly I joined collective and I proved, what even photos of standard architectural constructions can be presented beautifully and informatively.


 - Letter of thanks for assistance in carrying out events  - For high professionalism, creative approach in photography and assistance in the PR-promotion AR "YUPN" in honor of the 15th anniversary AR "southern chamber of real estate" and the 10th anniversary of "Taganrog Guild of realtors& Certificate - Certificate on passing of a course of studying of English Kuznetsova Anna Certificate - The certificate of the participant of the XVIII National Congress on real estate in Sochi. It is given out to Kuznetsova Anna Yurevna