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Ilina Evgenia Viktorovna

Ilina Evgenia Viktorovna

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

Phone: +7 (928) 607-70-75

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0712

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The profession of the realtor is very difficult, it includes knowledge of the civil and tax law, psychological skills, ability to sell and solve conflict situations, quickly to make decisions, it is non-standard to think and the main thing to continue to be improved and trained. The qualified realtor to look obliged properly, after all appearance reflects its success and a demand. I am an owner of such craft! Every day I get invaluable experience in this profession! My debt is, first of all, perception of a problem of the client, as personal. I am inspired by communication with people and opportunity to help them to resolve housing issues. It is correct to understand an objective, to place priorities, to try "key" to the client, to meet requirements of both parties and the seller, and buyer - guarantee success of cooperation! The trust and repeated addresses for me are the best gratitude.
I have the higher economic education, faculty "Finance and the credit" which acquired at Institute of management of business and the rights. Long time I worked in the specialty in JSC MDM Bank. I got acquainted with a profession of the realtor and "Firm Terra" was trained in it in AN. My further career develops in the company Maralin Ra. The modern, dynamically developing company staking on the highest quality of rendering services. Only and the First in the segment - the market of elite real estate. Competent and skilled collective headed by the head - a unique combination of knowledge of specifics of the market and granting the European level of service. The basic principles of activity of the company Maralin Ru is professionalism, reliability, honesty and trust, aiming at result and focus on the client and his interests. When the head values the name is a guarantee of success of its business!


Certificate - Certificates that Ilina Evgenia Viktorovna has knowledge conforming to requirements imposed by the Standard HUNDRED RGR "Realtor activities. Services broker in the real estate market. General requirements" and certifications. "The real esta