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Butenko Ivan Romanovich

Butenko Ivan Romanovich

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

Phone: +7 (863) 301-13-13, +7 (961) 301-13-13

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0711

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The modern market of real estate is closely connected not only with material assets, but also intellectual property. Opportunity in time to place priorities and to show an individual approach to the client causes reliability and success in sales. Often sale or purchase is a serious event in life, risks have to be brought to naught, quite often there is a problem of selection of treasured meters for business. Key criterion there is the maximum satisfaction from the done work and focus on the best result. It is sure that the western model of the relations in the market of real estate is the most civilized, weighed and fulfilled not one generation, I believe that the entrance to information era marked an exit from the 90th and the 2000th when the prices grew "on hours", now only attentiveness and patience – the best friends in the real estate market.

About itself: Butenko Ivan Romanovich 1990 Novocherkassk, graduated in management in the culture sphere (event event), in RGK of S.V. Rachmaninova and IUBIP. Music education, skills of the art fine arts, creative approach to object presentation, opportunity to see a plan of the author during construction, finishing, design from the art point of view.

"A hand on pulse". There is a clear understanding of an urban environment, the business sphere, the best streets for accommodation and business, opportunity to create market cost, and also to think over strategy of further effective work, both at an object choice, and at sale, to estimate liquidity of investments, to think over everything beforehand. It is brought up in a family of the doctor and the teacher, it is taught to respect foreign point of view, has the view of the market and work methods.


Certificate - Certificates that Butenko Ivan Romanovich has knowledge conforming to requirements imposed by the Standard HUNDRED RGR "Realtor activities. Services broker in the real estate market. General requirements" and certifications. "The real estat Certificate - The certificate confirms that Butenko, Ivan Romanovich took part in the training of Radislav Gandapas a self-made man: self-management and self-motivation Certificate - The certificate confirms that Butenko I.R. I participated in a seminar "How to increase number of transactions twice"