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Bryuhanov Leonid Alexandrovich

Bryuhanov Leonid Alexandrovich

Post: Expert of the market of the luxury real estate

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Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0966

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Work in real estate attracted me long before my experience in this field. Every client, every object, every working situation is unique. Every day we come to work and the day is built in a new way, and our activity and originality contribute to the solution of tasks. It is often necessary not only to know the needs of the client, but also to help them to form, to determine the image of the future object or future client. The activity is multifaceted and has no higher points of growth. In the work of a realtor, all skills are important: organizer, lawyer, seller, marketer, photographer and a number of others. The most important thing I think is the ability to listen and hear the client, it is from him depends largely on the ability to solve the problem posed by the client and bring the desired positive result.

I have a degree in Economics, specialty "Management of the organization." For a long time he worked in various fields: software development, agro-industrial business, automotive business. The Agency Maralin Ru specializes in land and elite housing in Rostov-on-don and suburbs.


Certificate - Certifies that Bryukhanov, Leonid possesses the knowledge conforming to requirements, imposed by the Standard RGR "Realtor activity. Brokerage services in the real estate market. General requirements" and certification. "Real estate specialist-agent"