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High-quality rendering services in the sphere of real estate

The main direction of the company on rendering services in the sphere of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate is their full maintenance, beginning from signing of the preliminary contract and finishing with final settlement and transfer of the certificate on the property right. Our experts have a wealth of experience in rendering additional services to clients of the company.

Complex services for natural persons:

Complex services for natural persons

The help in receiving coordination and permissions to carrying out a reorganization, re-equipment or reconstruction in the apartment, the house or a non-residential premise (or the help in legalization of unauthorized re-planning, to a reorganization, reconstruction), including:

  • legalization of unauthorized construction;
  • preservation of the apartment in the reorganized, converted and reconstructed state (when performing re-planning both in inhabited, and in non-residential premises without coordination with administrative bodies or if to the housing located on the first floor the extension standing on an all-house site is attached).

Land surveying and section of sites. Registration of objects of incomplete construction

Land surveying and section of sites. Registration of objects of incomplete construction

Procedure of a land surveying includes:

  • -receiving and studying of information on a ground provided to documentation, information of geodetic character, addresses of the sites located in the neighbourhood;
  • work on the project of a land surveying;
  • notice without fail owners of the next sites;
  • departure for delimitation. Most often, they are defined, based on the actual use or the owner's explanation;
  • obtaining the act of coordination of borders with owners of the land plots located in the neighbourhood;
  • geodetic works, including carrying out of points on the district;
  • specification of the area;
  • preparation of the plan of a site in which all borders will be specified;
  • preparation of boundary business.

Procedure of the section of the land plots includes:

  • carrying out land surveying;
  • conclusion of agreement about the section of a site (at disagreement of one or several owners it is necessary to file a lawsuit the claim for the site location);
  • assignment of addresses anew to educated sites;
  • procedure of statement on the cadastral account and registration of the rights.

Commissioning and registration of objects of incomplete construction:

  • obtaining permission and other documentation on input of object in operation (if possibility of commissioning by parts is provided in the construction license);
  • collecting of documentation for registration of the right for a real estate object and its legal examination;
  • implementation of procedure of registration of the right.

Transfer of premises to the uninhabited

Transfer of premises to the uninhabited

The general translation rules of premises in uninhabited and vice versa mean observance of the Housing code and legislation on town-planning activity. However, this process has a set of nuances, without knowing which, it is possible to spend a large number of time, money and your nerves.

We offer the help in maintenance of translation processes, including:

  • consultation on the matter;
  • check of your real estate and documentation on possibility of the translation;
  • obtaining permission to carrying out reconstruction (re-equipment, re-planning) according to your project;
  • maintenance of commissioning;
  • maintenance of the transfer to premises or on the contrary "on a turn-key basis".

Work of the lawyer in court on protection of the rights of the participant of the contract of share construction (DDU):

  • carrying out examination of DDU and other submitted documentation, the analysis of the existing situation;
  • formation of the right position;
  • work on the claim and pre-judicial claims;
  • coordination of documentation with the client;
  • submission of the claim, representation in court;
  • if necessary appeal of the judgment (appeal, cassation);
  • receiving and transfer of the judgment to the client.

Work of our experts is permission of disputable situations on DDU, receiving monetary compensation by the shareholder in the form of a penalty and a penalty from the builder, compensation for derogations from the contract, compensation of moral harm, and also compensation of the court costs incurred by you.

Disputes under contracts of individual share in construction

Disputes under contracts of individual share in construction

Permission of such disputes occurs in cases if there are claims to the builder because:

  • construction is stopped without explanation;
  • the approved originally construction documentation is changed;
  • terms of construction are prolonged or expenses are increased;
  • it is required to bring an additional fee for housing;
  • the house is at the wrong time put in operation;
  • installation in the apartment is tightened;
  • the area and condition of the transferred apartment doesn't correspond specified in the contract.

Currently, the most productive and effective method of permission connected with the builder and the contract of individual share of problems, are judicial proceedings. Settlement of disputes in a judicial proceeding – the most civilized and legislatively protected method therefore you shouldn't be afraid to submit a claim! Don't forget that services of the skilled and competent lawyer in this case are necessary for you!

The help at the introduction in inheritance:

  • consultation on questions of acceptance or refusal of inheritance, inheritance on the law (turn of inheritance) and according to the will, about an obligatory share in inheritance, the section of hereditary property, restoration of term on acceptance of inheritance;
  • collecting documents which are required for procedure of acceptance of inheritance at the notary;
  • help in registration of applications for acceptance of inheritance.

Representation of interests in court at settlement of disputes about inheritance:

  • if term on acceptance of inheritance is passed;
  • about recognition of the property right to property as inheritance;
  • at the section of the property inherited.

The property sewed by spouses in marriage is considered the general property of spouses. It is possible to divide it in marriage, during divorce, and also after divorce.

If between spouses (or already former spouses) there is no dispute on each of them will get what property as a result of the section, such section can be issued by the agreement on the section of property of spouses made in writing. If in the list of property of spouses there are real estate objects, this agreement is the title document and the basis for registration of the property right by Federal Registration Service.

If there is a dispute at the section of property, the only way of its decision – the appeal of spouses to court.

We offer the following services:

  • consultation on questions of the section of matrimonial property, selection of the most optimum option of registration;
  • development of versions of the section of property, drawing up agreement on the section. At the request of the customer maintenance of process of registration of transition of the rights under the agreement is carried out (filing of application in Federal Registration Service, elimination of remarks (in the presence), obtaining documents after registration);
  • representation of interests in court by consideration of disputes on the section of property of spouses (preparation of the statement of claim or objections on the claim, selection of evidentiary base, development of a legal position on business).

Complex services for legal entities:

Complex services for legal entities

Under contracts of individual share in construction:

  • Services in registration of contracts of individual share in construction;
  • Registration of notices of extension of terms of construction, about change of the area of the apartment and so forth;
  • Claims activities with shareholders under contracts of individual share in construction (in case of obtaining requirements about payment of a penalty, compensation for change of the area, claims on quality of construction);
  • Pre-judicial settlement of disputes with shareholders;
  • Representation of interests of the Builder in courts by hearing of cases in claims of shareholders (about penalty, compensation for change of the area, claims on quality of construction, penalties and so forth);

Consultation on questions:

  • Conclusions of turnkey contracts;
  • Suspensions construction (design and so forth) works with the notification of the Customer;
  • Performance of the additional works, necessary, but not provided by the Contract (estimate);
  • Refusal of the customer of signing of the act of acceptance of the performed works;
  • Definitions of the asset holder of engineering communications of the constructed objects (for execution of expenses according to their contents);
  • Refusal of the Customer of payment (partial payment) of the performed works;
  • Registrations of protocols and acts of existence of shortcomings of the performed works;
  • And to other questions from the conclusion and performance of contracts of the construction contract.

Representation in Arbitration courts and courts of law on the following categories of affairs:

  • Disputes between contractors and customers/builders according to turnkey contracts (the construction contract, the contract for performance of project and prospecting works and so forth) on quality and amount of completed work, on untimely or incomplete payment of the performed works, at refusal of acceptance of the performed works and so forth;
  • Disputes between investors and customers/builders under investment contracts for construction;
  • Disputes under contracts of delivery, purchase and sale, rent;
  • Disputes with customers under the state and municipal contracts and so forth.

We guarantee high quality of our work and the responsible relation to your affairs. In any, even the most difficult situation, we use an individual approach to each client.

Preliminary consultation: ph. +7 (863)298-76-00, Alexey Sergeyevich.