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In Moscow, within the framework of the International Housing Congress, an award ceremony was held for participants of the national competition in the field of real estate, construction and mortgage CREDO*-2022. The best regional brokerage company in the luxury real estate market in 2022 was "Maralin Ru" from Rostov-on-Don.

What's inside the average Rostov apartment? The set is modest, but comfort is provided. This is furniture, appliances, balcony or loggia, panoramic Windows. If a person wants to increase the level of their real estate, make it more attractive

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Crimea-a New direction of Maralin development.Ru Read on the pages of the airline's on-Board magazine Azimut. Electronic version of the magazine by link.

In connection with the introduction of self-isolation in the Rostov region, the demand for suburban real estate has increased. The most popular was the rental of houses and cottages in the country. According to Avito, in April compared to March, the rental prices of various types of such real estate

When opening a new business, the key value is the room that the entrepreneur chooses. Depending on the tasks, it can be an office, a room for a cafe or restaurant, a retail outlet, or a warehouse. Choose such a room carefully, taking into account all the nuances.

- Since 2008, I have already passed 4 crises. And based on my experience, I can say that there is no need to panic now. The currency market has not been linked to the ruble for the past two years. Payments in foreign currency, of course, remained. But they do not affect the valuation of real estate.

Real estate has always been one of the most profitable investments. Buying a home is a legally complex procedure, in which errors are not allowed. That is why you should contact professionals

The international Academy of Mortgage and real Estate (MAIN) was established on February 28, 2002 at a joint meeting of the State Duma Committee on industry, construction and high-tech technologies, the State Duma

RBC Rostov studied the market of luxury real estate in Rostov and found out how much are the most expensive apartments in the city and who buys them Выделите текст, чтобы посмотреть примеры

In this article, I would like to reflect a few points that mislead market participants. And the most important problem that arises from my judgments — the object is not for sale, moreover, it does not even look buyers. The reason is the erroneous actions of the sellers themselves.

Rostov Agency of real estate Maralin Ru at the end of the contest Credo-2017 won an award — the diploma in the nomination "the Best company providing personal services on the real estate market." The contest was held under the Housing Congress in Saint-Petersburg.

At the exhibition "housing Fair" which took place in the "Dalexpocenter", awarded the participants of the contest "Best real estate Agency and the best realtor in the South of Russia — 2017".

Housing of the don region took the seventh position in the ranking of elite. According to CIAN, the cost of the most expensive mansion in Komyshuvakha is 160 million rubles. According to the Rostov realtors, today, among the objects they sell are more expensive.

RBC South have studied the market the most expensive homes sold in the Rostov region and learned of those who buy luxury real estate

Dear residents of Rostov! In the person of the chairman of chamber of the Southern management of the real estate I want to congratulate you with coming 2017 and Christmas. I wish stability, successful transactions, implementation of new plans and the ideas in new 2017.

Interview for the PRO Magazine business about the market of the elite real estate of Rostov-on-Don and area. Forecasts, analytics and tendencies. Whether it should be taken into account objects of the elite real estate for investment? What it is necessary to pay attention in case of the choice of a real estate object to?

Despite crisis and developments of stagnation in the sphere of economy, 2016 was rather fruitful for the real estate market. The main role in this process was played by the state support of the construction market in the field of subsidizing of a mortgage on purchase of new buildings.

On March 18 in Rostov there has taken place the next joint action - round tables with members of Southern Chamber of Real Estate Non-profit Partnership and PJSC Sberbank. The staff of "Sberbank" and UPN have made a speech at the conference held within a meeting

We are glad to report that our Internet channel about real estate Maralin is started by TV in work. We have spent a lot of time for creation of this information field, and are sure that cooperation with us will allow you to present to target audience the interesting ideas and thoughts.

In Rostov the scheduled meeting of the Southern chamber of real estate has taken place. Members of UPN — the realtor agencies working at the territory of the Don region. According to the chairman of the board Alexey Maralin, UPN promotes development of the civilized market of real estate.

Ideal people don't exist. Ideal clients especially. Therefore from the conflicts nobody is insured. Experts to whom we have talked are sure that realtors are guilty of the conflict with the difficult client most often. As to the agent not to lose the client, money and reputation.

According to experts of the market of real estate of Rostov-on-Don, demand for housing of the South will continue to decrease. However you shouldn't expect essential price fluctuations: "vtorichka" can fall in price within 10%, the cost of apartments in new buildings remains former.

The real estate always by right was considered as one of the most favorable forms of investment of capital. Depending on the objective reasons demand for it that decreases, increases, but never disappears absolutely. Even in the period of an economic crisis, demand was.

Usual purchase and sale of real estate – not such difficult transaction, unlike alternative, but, despite it, the last is more popular. Generally new housing in Rostov, is acquired on means which are received at sale of old real estate.

One more year, ambiguous and changeable comes to an end, comes new from which, certainly, we expect only the best. There is a wish to congratulate heartily all on this wonderful and magic holiday – New 2016!

As it appeared, 2015 for the sphere of real estate was sated with significant events. For example, changes are made to the tax law, terms of free privatization are prolonged, cancellation of share construction is also planned.

To organizers of competition more than 100 demands from children age from 3 to 15 years arrived. Young residents of Rostov sent drawings in which representatives of different professions were represented: astronauts, doctors, veterinarians, artists and many others. It was difficult to choose the winner.

"The elite housing becomes cheaper", "in the market of real estate of a premium class of changes isn't present" – experts of the market of real estate give the most contradictory estimates today. How much today "elite housing" for the people, and whether it is worth making now transactions in this segment of the market?

In today's economic situation when the currency market isn't stable, the real estate remains the best option for investments allowing to get daily profit. It also a safe way to keep the capital if other assets depreciated.

To define, what market value of housing, is required not only at purchase and sale, but also at registration of the credit which pledge is the apartment, or at determination of the sum of an insurance. Also it is not all cases when the correct estimation of cost is necessary.

In the northern capital the All-Russian housing Forum – one of the major in the domestic market of real estate was held from September 30 to October 2. It already the tenth action, and for tradition arrived to it about 1500 participants.

If you are interested in purchase of qualitative housing, the agency of elite real estate Maralin ua is always ready to offer the object suitable you. Accepting real estate in work, we seek to approach a question of its presentation responsibly.

Any buyer at a ground choice, first of all, pays attention to beauty of a landscape, and already then is interested, what characteristics of the soil, whether the traffic intersection, ecology and others factors, important for construction of the house, is convenient.

To sell real estate, as we know, it is troublesome. What wouldn't be the transaction, be it sale of houses or apartments, she demands certain expenses, temporary and monetary. Thus the seller pursues one aim – receiving profit.

The exclusive real estate today not a rarity, but not so is a lot of rather worthy objects. Similar housing, be it elite apartments or elite households, very often is on sale still before it is actively advertised.

The situation in economy isn't stable today therefore if you want to keep the capital, - to put the best option in real estate. It is the most attractive sector for investments. This way not only is safe, but also can make profit.