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Residential Complex «Inspiration»


The housing estate "Inspiration" located in Leninsky district of Rostov-on-Don at the address by Ostrovsky Lane, 1A represents a 15-storey low-apartment house constructed on frame and monolithic technology. The building consists from 182 one - two - three-room apartments of the class "comfort" of the improved layout, and also studio apartments. A builder of a complex is LLC Real Estate Development Company 10GPZ.

Finishing of the ventilated facade of a complex is executed with use of heatsaving materials. From within winterization by a two-layer covering mineral-cotton plates is also provided. The building is equipped with three high-speed elevators, two of them with a loading capacity up to 1 000 kg. In apartments with height of ceilings 3 meters are established economic "warm" windows with the double-glazed windows having an energy efficient multicovering. It doesn't allow the room to overheat in summertime, and also perfectly protects from cold weather. Loggias have a stained glass glazing.

On a roof of a complex own boiler room is established, the central communications are brought. On the closed protected and developed area there is a two-level underground parking on 54 places and the guest parking, sports and children's platforms. The first floor has a 24-hour lobby and a post of the concierge. Housing overlooking a reservoir is leased in "stroyvariant", the layout free, in addition, consolidation of two apartments is possible. By the time of delivery of a complex the builder offers apartments with "fair" finishing, the design project and repair.

The social infrastructure is rather developed, all objects are within walking distance, including a gymnasium, colleges, bank departments, drugstores, public transport stops. The Quiet Don supermarket, restaurants, the market, the city embankment is nearby located. The construction of a complex is performed according to the law No. 214-FZ, commissioning is scheduled for the I quarter 2018. Sale of apartments is possible in a mortgage with state support of partner banks.


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Objects in this complex

Р 8 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
2-com. apartment in Inspiration residential complex
Р 8 500 000
(Apartments, Center)
Apartment with designer renovation in Inspiration residential complex
Р 8 600 000
(Apartments, Center)
View apartment of the Inspiration residential complex