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Residential Complex «Onegin»


The center ofRostov-on-Don, trans.Dolomanovsky. Residential complex "Onegin", a new conceptual project from "SK10". The complex has modern engineering solutions, a new technology of ventilated facades, a Smart House system, effective methods of saving resources and a high level of security, well-thought-out layouts. The new house fits seamlessly into the historical development of the center in combination with current technologies for a comfortable life.

The house is located at the intersection of the main city arteries, but not on the most hectic streets, with convenient access to any area of the city. The entire infrastructure of the city is within walking distance, including the Builders' Park.

Technological functionality: the facade is made using a new technology that retains heat longer, energy-intensive equipment (low utility bills), a Smart Home system: remote access control to the entrance, entrance to the parking lot by recognizing the license plate or from a mobile phone, smart eco-friendly lighting, online video surveillance and round-the-clock security, large underground parking and a closed area


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Objects in this complex

Р 110 000
(Rent commercial, Center)
Premises in a new residential complex
Р 5 300 000
(Apartments, Center)
1-com. renovated apartment in Onegin residential complex
Р 6 450 000
(Apartments, Center)
New house
Apartment in the residential complex Onegin renovated
Р 8 700 000
(Apartments, Center)
New house
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