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The Manhattan and Manhattan 2 residential complex is a unique combination of urban comfort and quiet suburban life. The houses are located in the urban forest, 100 meters from the natural lake, and at the same time, surrounded by all the necessary infrastructure.
Business class house with built-in Parking. The apartments are offered in a condition for finishing. Free layout. Great location, the center of Nakhichevan.The location of the house allows you to have from each apartment a beautiful view of the historic buildings of the area.The house has an Autonomous block-modular boiler, with individual distribution, security system, fenced and guarded area with video surveillance system, automatic fire alarm system.
The housing estate the "21st century" consisting of 7 houses of various number of storeys is constructed by LLC SPF Don-Spark, specializing in designing and a construction of residential buildings, production of building materials and designs. The arrangement of a complex is very convenient for comfortable accommodation as it is located on a prgulochny zone of Rostov-on-Don Pushkinsky Boulevard. In addition to comfortable apartments, in houses there are built-in trade and office placements, and also underground parkings on 200 places which area constitutes 14 000 m ². The complex in which more than 25 000 m ² housing were placed is constructed on frame and monolithic technology. Area infrastructure where the complex is located, is quite developed.
The housing estate "Admiral" - the frame and monolithic two-section house of a business class executed in the form of a letter "G" is located in Leninsky district of Rostov-on-Don. The facade of section 20 floors high comes to Beregovaya St., and sections to 24 floors – to Budennovsky Ave. A builder of a complex is CJSC Construction Management No. 1. The house consists of 210 apartments from 30 to 200 m ² with height of ceilings of 3 m, of them 80 one-room, 58 – two-room and 66 – three-room. In the house on lower floors there are non-residential premises. In the house adjoining territory with landscaping the playground is established, guest and underground parkings are equipped, there are comfortable zones for rest.
The residential complex "Stork" is built in the center of Rostov-on-Don, facing Varfolomeeva Street and Semashko Lane. The residential complex "Stork" is a 19-storey L-shaped two-section building, 162 apartments with high 3-meter ceilings and comfortable spacious layouts.
ZK "Aleksandrovsky" which builder is LLC Plus-K is located in Proletarsky district of Rostov. It consists of five houses 11 high the floor, in everyone – various quantity of sections. In total in houses of 589 apartments which area is from 40,3 to 99,13 m ². In addition, the complex has non-residential premises, in them the chess club, billiards, the gym, storage rooms are located.
"Andreevsky shaft" - a housing estate which builder is the Edinstvo concern located in Kirovsky district near the business center. Here the cozy atmosphere of old Rostov remained. In 20 years of activities by concern more than 50 objects which differ in a convenient arrangement, modern engineering and architectural concepts that allows to create high-quality housing are realized.
The Aquamarine residential complex from the Finnish developer Yit is located on the first line of the landscaped Don Embankment, in one of the most prestigious and best residential areas in the historical center of Rostov-on-Don
HK "Arbat" on Shaumyan Street is built by "KSM-14". The builder is one of the largest in the region, having a considerable work experience in the sphere of a construction of the real estate and good reputation.
The housing estate of "Slang" constructed in the Western residential massif consists of 4 residential sections from 4 to 25 floors high. In total in the house of 477 apartments from 31,4 to 210,9 m ², at the same time is two - and three-level housing. A builder is Yugtekhstroy. In addition, in the house there are non-residential premises of commercial appointment with separate entrances with a total area about 1 904 m ². In a socle part there is a parking on 63 places, including 9 places for handicapped national groups. It is possible to get on the parking from any section of a complex on the elevator.
"Atlant" - a housing estate of an elite class 21 high the floor with 40 apartments which area constitutes from 144 to 400 m ². Housing is in Kirovsky district, 3,2 meters are designed with height of ceilings. From apartments on the first floor magnificent views on the central part of Rostov.
The housing estate "A white elephant" whose builder is the Edinstvo concern consists of three houses of various number of storeys. In total complex constructed on frame and monolithic technology includes 269 apartments which area constitutes from 42 to 115 m ².
Blue spruce - a residential complex in the proletarian district, which is a separate district. It consists of 14 buildings of 10 floors each. The complex is in operation since 2015. The developer of the housing – OOO Christinа
Bogatyanovsky-club house, premium, located in the heart of the city. Within walking distance: it is an urban Park and square with St. Basil's Church, Musical theatre and drama theatre, Philharmonic hall. The district is provided with all necessary infrastructure, including kindergartens, schools, Universities.
Bow - the housing estate of an elite class consisting of three houses 15 and 17 floors high on 415 apartments from 45 to 90 m ² is constructed by Edinstvo concern. The first floors of a monolithic and brick complex occupy non-residential premises with a separate entrance. In them there is a dancing studio, the model agency and other companies. In addition, there are underground and open parkings.
Premium residential complex "Bristol", located in the heart of the city. The developer of the IC "Unity".
Soborny residential complex is a 24-storey residential building with its own roof boiler room and a system of hinged ventilated facades.
LCD "Central" has a very advantageous location-the object is located in the area of NIIAP on the lane. Dolomanovsky between St. Tekucheva and St. Mechnikov.The house is rented. The developer of SK Donnerstag.
HK "Chekhov" consisting of two sections 9 and 19 floors high is constructed in Kirovsky district by the LLC Sigmastroy company. In total in the house of 159 apartments from 52 to 196 sq.m. In section 9 floors high offices, in 19-storey, since the 2nd floor – the apartment are located. In addition, 6-roomed two-level apartments are offered fans of spacious housing.
The residential complex combines the best traditions of the classical style paired with modern elements
Derzhavinsky Residential Complex is a new comfort class residential complex located at the address: 73 Beregovaya Str., Rostov-on-Don. Developer - SMU-1. The complex consists of two 25-storey three-section houses, has its own Parking and a closed territory.
The residential complex "Dolomanovsky" is located in the center of Rostov-on-Don, at the address per.Dolomanovsky, 19. Developer "PEAK". The complex includes two monolithic buildings with a height of 12-24 floors, located on a single foundation and architectural style.
The residential complex "Dynasty on Soborny" is a multi—storey residential building with underground parking and storerooms on the ground floor. The facades of the residential building are designed in the style of "neoclassicism", based on classical architecture
HK "European" - the house of the class "comfort" 6 floors high is constructed on crossing of streets Baturinskaya and Truzhenikov. In total in a complex 222 apartments from 22 to 84 m ². The builder of a complex of LLC UK Rassvet Stroy Invest is implemented the construction of inexpensive and practical housing differing in original projects.
Housing estate "Guards-2" - the 25-storey house from 4 sections built on frame and monolithic technology. Become continuation of the Guards complex which is already put in operation, the building is built in modern style and has a number of benefits. A builder of a complex is LLC Real Estate Development Company 10GPZ. Housing is offered in "stroyvariant". The floor coupler is executed, installation of metal doors, loggias are glazed. During the finishing and arrangement of apartments applied the energy efficient technologies promoting more comfortable accommodation. Installation of the pumps providing water supply, the steel panel radiators equipped with temperature regulators, apartment counters of heat is executed.
The monolithic and brick housing estate "Guards" which builder is LLC SK "10-GPZ" consists of four houses of various number of storeys. The complex constructed in Leninsky district of Rostov near the river Temernik, includes 575 apartments from 42 to 111 m ². Except premises, houses have also commercial, and also three-level car park on 141 parking places and guest parkings.
G. Rostova-na-Donu, Pervomaisky district, Nakhichevan, str 35-I line. Frame-monolithic,11-storey residential complex of comfort class with a closed territory - "a house on the 35th line." Construction is the Builder- "the Housing Donskaya Construction Company". The new building consists of 80 apartments: Studio apartments from 35.5 m2 to 40 m2 and two-bedroom apartments 54,3 m2. The house is equipped with a gas boiler. The house provides underground Parking for 29 cars and guest Parking for visitors, space for public use. The apartments are located from second to ninth floors, which provided a technical floor. The residential complex will be commissioned in late 2017.
The housing estate "Inspiration" located in Leninsky district of Rostov-on-Don at the address by Ostrovsky Lane, 1A represents a 15-storey low-apartment house constructed on frame and monolithic technology. The building consists from 182 one - two - three-room apartments of the class "comfort" of the improved layout, and also studio apartments. A builder of a complex is LLC Real Estate Development Company 10GPZ. Finishing of the ventilated facade of a complex is executed with use of heatsaving materials. From within winterization by a two-layer covering mineral-cotton plates is also provided. The building is equipped with three high-speed elevators, two of them with a loading capacity up to 1 000 kg.
The Italian yard - a 6-storey housing estate of an elite class in Zheleznodorozhny district of Rostov-on-Don on 40 apartments which area constitutes from 35 to 110 sq.m. The house is built on crossing of Sverdlovskaya Street and the 1st Circular. In a construction of a complex modern technologies and engineering were applied. The house built from a ceramic brick draws attention.
HK "Cascade" located on one of the most beautiful streets of Rostov-on-Don – Pushkinskaya Street, is the first housing estate in the city. Its arrangement – one of important components of the choice upon purchase of housing in this place. The complex consists of 6 buildings of various number of storeys forming the cozy yard in which the platform for children, benches under trees is established beds are broken.
The housing estate "the Red Garden city" consists of 3 houses of a class the house-keeper 16 floors high, includes 502 apartments which area from 46 to 121 m ² (builder – the Pleyada company). Frame and monolithic buildings which of windows picturesque types to Don and the city open have all necessary for accommodation.
Lenin hills, consisting of 4 one-access 17-storey houses from a brick, is constructed by LLC Zodchy. In total in houses 253 apartments from 40 to 90 m ². In addition, there are non-residential premises and underground car park, a parking for guests, rest areas and platforms for children. Installation of metalplastic windows, elevators, distributing of an electrical wiring, connection of communications to centralized engineering systems is executed.
Residential complex "Lermontov" is a 25 storey odnopodezdny, frame-monolithic complex - class comfort in the heart of the city. The developer - group of companies "Sigma". The house is distinguished by interesting architecture and high quality finishes.
The house was built in the city center, where all the most important social facilities of the city are concentrated. The deadline is 2020. Developer- Moscow Time. Business Class. The type of house is monolithic brick.
Mechnikov is a residential complex from the construction company SK 10. Convenient location in the city center. It consists of four 25-storey residential buildings, one 5-storey and one 2-storey building, plus free-standing Parking.
HK "Millennium-2" is 9 frame and monolithic houses of various number of storeys on 654 apartments which area is from 41,83 to 88,4 m ². In addition, in all houses there are rooms of commercial appointment. Also there is an extension – the building under office with underground car park on 75 places of 6 960,39 m ². In it the grocery stores, cafe, the entities rendering household services, banks, the center for fitness classes, restaurant are located. A builder is LLC Sirius.
"Millennium-1" - a 22-storey housing estate with apartments of the free layout from 40 to 80 m ², located in Oktyabrsky district of Rostov. To a complex office rooms are attached, there is a parking.
"Olympe Taouers" - the housing estate consisting of three houses (22 and 23 floors), located in Leninsky district of the city. In total in complex cases 343 apartments of the free layout which area is from 45,38 m ² to 124,93 m ². In addition, there are attached non-residential premises on the 1st and 2nd floors, underground and open car parks. A builder of a complex is the Snegiri company.
Residential complex "Onegin", a new conceptual project from "SK10". The complex has modern engineering solutions, a new technology of ventilated facades, a Smart House system, effective methods of saving resources and a high level of security, well-thought-out layouts.
HK Ostrovsky - a 17-storey housing estate consisting of two frame and monolithic houses on 340 apartments, which area from 44 to 106 m ². In addition, in houses there are office rooms. A builder of houses is ООО Arkhstroy-Kompleks.
Ostrovsky residential complex is a modern residential complex with interesting and bold architecture, detailed functional and planning solutions. It is located in the center of Rostov — on the corner of Krasnoarmeysky and Ostrovsky.
HK "Paradise" - a monolithic and brick housing estate 24 floors high in modern style which harmoniously fitted into architecture of the downtown. Two floors of a complex are in an underground part, they are intended for technical placements and the capacious parking on 69 places.
The housing estate from 10 to 17 floors high consists "Park quarter" of five sections. In total in houses of 478 apartments which area is from 45 to 108 m ². Houses are located on Myasnikov's streets, Zakrutkina, Artificial. In everyone there are office rooms and underground parkings. A builder is the Edinstvo concern.
Housing estate "Pilot" (builder "Vertol-Development") - the comfortable housing of a business class consisting of three monolithic buildings located in Voroshilovskaya the area near the central part of the city. According to the project, in three monolithic 23-storey houses 483 apartments which area constitutes from 43 to 127 m ², and height of ceilings – 3 m. All three houses were built with use of the technology of the ventilated facade allowing to keep heat in rooms in winter time and not to overheat in hot weather. Here all conditions for comfortable accommodation are created.
ZhK "Pushkin" consists of three houses 10, 13 and 17 floors high built on frame and monolithic technology. In total in buildings of 300 apartments which area from 55 to 220 m ², including is also penthouses. In addition, on the first floor non-residential premises are located, there is an underground parking. A builder is the Pokrovsky concern.
The 24-storey apartment complex "Quiet Center" occupies a block between Telman, Zhuravlev, Volos and Kirovsky Prospekt streets. This is a comfortable and modern accommodation with all the advantages of a central location.
The center ofRostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod str., 31. Modern residential complex "Quiet Don". The house was commissioned in 2020. The developer is Vertol-Development. The residential complex "Quiet Don" is located at the Theatrical descent between the embankment of the Don and the Theater Square, in the historical and business center of Rostov-on-Don.
A luxury 23-storey residential complex in the heart of Rostov-on-don. The complex is designed and executed in uniform architectural execution with own objects of high-class infrastructure. The unique location, the house is the landscaped Central part of the city, between the main street Bolshaya Sadovaya and Pushkinskaya Boulevard. There are Musical theater, Don Plaza hotel, movie theater Rostov, Youzhny Federal University. In the Park near a fountain, with convenient benches, and in the center is an Old and Pokrovsk temple.
Residential complex "Ryabinin", located in Rostov-on-don, the Soviet area, street Malinowski 66/1. The developer of the complex is "Komfortstroy", developer – group of companies "Zhilstroy."
Modern residential complex "Seasons". The don was commissioned in 2019.Finnish developer YIT. Superior comfort house
K "Semigor" including 5 houses (two 9-storey, with a one height of 11 floors and two 17-storey), is located in Voroshilovsky district. Only 243 apartments which area is from 57 to 147 m ². The complex is oriented on South side therefore all premises, light and cozy. A builder of a complex is the Edinstvo concern.
HK "Scandinavian" consisting of two houses 9 and 10 floors high includes 134 apartments which area from 39 to 80 m ². In addition, in houses there are commercial rooms, in them the hairdressing salon, a photographer's studio, a warehouse of plumbing fixtures and a workshop, an underground parking works with entrance from Halturinskaya Street.
"The Slavic quarter" - the complex consisting of 2 houses 22 floors high is built in Leninsky district. Only 478 apartments from 51 to 116 m ². Houses have names – "East" and "Western". Builder LLC Slavyane. On the first floors there are non-residential premises, in an underground part of a complex the parking on 230 places is placed, it is possible to get here on the elevator, or through entrance from Verkhoyansky Lane and 20th Street.
Business class residential complex located in the city center
The unique high-comfort residential complex "Sokol na Oganova" is conveniently located in the Voenved microdistrict. The territory of the residential complex has a developed social infrastructure, includes: 8 hectares of the territory of the residential complex, 6 residential buildings, 1 kindergarten, 600 Parking spaces (car wash and service station).
The center of Rostov-on-don. Club house "Sovremennik" is located on Pushkinskaya street. Offered three-and five-bedroom apartments, with a free layout.
Residential complex "Star" is a modern high-rise complex in Voroshilov district . Rostov-on-don. LCD " Star is a 24-35-storey building, which form the appearance of modern residential development. Class-comfort. Type of building-monolithic-brick. Number of apartments-923. The area of apartments - from 54.4 to 135.8 m2. Underground one and two-level Parking will accommodate 1500 cars.
Teatral 16 floors high on 66 apartments with a total area of 6 546 m ² represents a housing estate the original building reflecting a delicate taste, creating the special mood embodied in modern architectural concepts is emphasized. The house differs in favorable location and all necessary for the most comfortable accommodation.
HK "Teatralny", the floor from 27 to 232 m 21 high ², consists of one section on 154 apartments of the non-standard layout, including with studios and two-level housing on upper floors. Also there is a penthouse which area is 183,4 m ² (six rooms). Except residential, the first floor of the house is occupied by office rooms and shops.
Residential complex "Theatre-2" is located in the historical centre of Rostov-on-don, Lugansk city. The construction of the complex leads - LLC "Construction company Interstroy". The district has a favorable location and developed infrastructure. The residential complex consists of 21-storey frame - monolithic building, consisting of the 1st section.The construction and sale of apartments in accordance with Federal law No. 214-FZ. The completion of construction and commissioning of Residential Complex "Theatre-2" planned in the 2nd quarter of 2017.
Terrace House - the housing estate 7-8 floors high consisting of 72 apartments of various layout which area constitutes from 48 to 150 m ². Houses are excellent result of work of designers and architects. The complex is constructed of high-quality materials, the territory is rationally planned and arranged well. In addition to premises, in a complex there are offices and the underground parking with system of video surveillance on 43 places.
On Shaumyan Street in a historical central part of Rostov "The house with an attic" which builder is the Dontekhstroy company is built. The complex represents the 10-storey house on 18 apartments which area constitutes from 54,4 to 111 m ².
Triumph residential complex, a residential building with a unique location, with direct access to Revolution Park
"Three squares" - the housing estate constructed in the territory which border are Baturinskaya Street, 2nd Street Volodarsk and 3rd Krugovaya Street consists of three houses from 4 to 6 floors high. In buildings of 189 apartments which area from 58 to 154 m ², is non-residential premises and storage rooms. Everyone has the name: "Adviser", "Burgomaster" and "Consul".
Silent center - a housing estate in the historic center of the city 6 floors high on 40 apartments from 34 to 52 m ² with balconies and loggias. The first floor of the house is occupied by three office rooms and chess club. In the first floor the parking on 13 places is equipped, there is a parking for guests.
Premium residential complex with swimming pool and gym for residents
Usadba - the elite house 8 floors high on 53 apartments built in the historical district of the city and which is harmoniously combined with already existing architectural complex. The house with decoratively arranged balconies is built modernist style style. It is decorated with shod elements, bay windows and original apertures of windows. The builder – Edinstvo concern paid attention not only external finishing, but also internal.
HK "Victor House" 17 floors high on 136 apartments from 71 to 87 m ², is located in Kirovsky district. On the first floor there are office rooms, on the second and subsequent – apartments. In the first floor the underground parking the area of 1 442 m ² is located. One of features of a complex – two-level entrance stages. A builder is ZAO Yuit Don.
The housing estate "Akvarelr" consisting of five houses of various number of storeys is one of projects of CJSC Patriot. The complex includes one house 18 floors high, two houses 20 floors high and two 25-storey (in total more than 1 200 apartments which area from 26,7 to 86,5 m ²). Except apartments, the first floors of houses occupy the non-residential premises equipped with separate entrances.
"The western fires" - the housing 18-storey estate consisting of two houses (one - and two-section) which ground and second floors occupy office rooms. Apartments, from 49 to 70 m ² have the free layout that is the main benefit of monolithic and frame buildings and allows to create to owners of housing really exclusive interior. A builder of a complex is the construction and production concern "Southern Real Estate Development Company".
Western Star - a 17-storey 3-section housing estate on 320 apartments which area constitutes from 40 to 98 m ². Sections of the monolithic brick house which builder is YuIT DON are located in the form of a letter "P" that allows to isolate the cozy yard. Except residential in the house there are also commercial rooms which are traditionally located on the 1st floor.
Residential complex "White angel" is a 4-sectional monolithic brick building with a variable number of storeys, floors 29-32. The construction of this ambitious and prestigious project is ZAO "SMU-1"/OOO Rostovstroy. The work is carried out in accordance with 214 FZ. The developer designed apartments with various layouts, from studios to four rooms with a total area of 24.7 to 170 м2.
Residential complex "Pearl of the don" was built in the centre of Rostov-on-don, 30 metres from the main pedestrian street Pushkin. Consisting of 2 buildings of 17-storey building in harmony with already existing buildings, comprises 419 apartments of different layouts, including studios. The main feature of the building - roof, which also has a cozy terrace. The developer is the company "bullfinches"