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Palace on Dmitriyevskaya

Price : 14 500 000Р

16 500 000Р

$ 190 789  |  € 168 605  |  Ƀ 4.57
Apartments , Maximum price
Rostov-on-Don, Center
ул. Шаумяна
Floor / Number of storeys:
2 / 3
Number of rooms:
Area of apartments:
145 / 85 / 12 м2
Type of house:
  10 лет 15 лет 20 лет (Изменить)
Стоиомсть квартиры 14500000 рублей 14500000 рублей 14500000 рублей
Сумма кредита 11600000 рублей 11600000 рублей 11600000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (руб) 2900000 рублей 2900000 рублей 2900000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (%) 20 % 20 % 20 %
Срок кредита 10 лет 15 лет 20 лет
Ставка % 10 % 10 % 10 %
Платёж 153 294 рублей 124 654 рублей 111 942 рублей

* The calculation is approximate and subject to change at the Bank

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On the street nowadays Shaumyana, and century back Dmitriyevskoy, is a small two-storeyed house. Its shape reminds a small palace of an era of the late Renaissance. The succeeding banker and the businessman Boris Kamenka built it in due time, having invited for drawing up the project of the leading architect of the city N. A. Doroshenko. The architect concentrated all attention on harmonious proportions of a facade, refined details and plasticity of a decor. Graceful style in shape of the house was continued by furniture of its interiors, an using classical and baroque modelled decor. Smart rooms and halls decorated ornamental plafonds of refined drawing, eaves of walls. High swing doors created a solemn spirit of halls. In postrevolutionary time rooms municipalized and began to occupy the house, without reckoning with purpose of rooms and halls. Today's owners of the apartment in this house, properly and treated with big respect the areas belonging to them, having kept their historical shape. Apartments with a total area of 145 sq.m, consists of two halls with an exit to a balcony, the sleeping room, kitchen, the hall and a bathroom. In an interior the spirit of an old era, by means of restoration from a stucco molding ornament on a ceiling to a floor with an invariable scratch of a parquet is recreated. At interest, there is an opportunity to expand the acquired area due to repayment of all floor. Acquiring this real estate, you become not only the owner of residential real estate in the center of Rostov-on-Don, but also also you become the owner of historical heritage that in turn, is invaluable.


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