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Price : 4 500 000Р

5 000 000Р

$ 61 644  /  € 50 562
Commercial , Sale
Rostovskaya oblast, Azovskii region
ул. Морская
Real estate type:
Room of free appointment
room space:
140 м2
Area of a site:
20 Sotok
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Rogozhin Denis Valerievich

+7 (928) 227-05-13
+7 (863) 311-44-45‬

Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0899


For sale is a country homeownership. Location: Pavlo-Ochakovskaya spit-alluvial sand and shell spit, located on the coast of the sea of Azov, in the Taganrog Bay, about 30 km southwest of the city of Azov and 70 km from Rostov-on-don. Administratively, Pavlo-Ochakovskaya spit is part of the Azov district, Rostov region. The land area is 1920m2. The plot is flat, with no visible slopes. Home ownership with a total area of 140. 6m2. Built on a concrete Foundation. The main walls are brick. Year of construction -1995. On the plot there are also: guest house, veranda, utility room, carport, gazebo. The following utilities are installed: electricity and water supply (well). Water disposal-septic tank. A video surveillance system is connected along the perimeter of the plot. Combined fence-brick fence and profiled sheet. Free land for the construction of capital or prefabricated housing of about 900 m2. Wide access roads. The owner will consider an exchange for a premium car with Your surcharge.


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Р 3 500 000
(Commercial, Center)
The room under a warehouse in the center
Р 5 000 000
(Commercial, Center)
Office space
Р 3 500 000
(Commercial, Bataysk)
Current store

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