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Place of attraction

Price : 6 290 000Р

6 350 000Р

$ 98 281  /  € 89 857
Apartments , New house
Rostov-on-Don, Center
ул. Максима Горького
Residential Complex:
Floor / Number of storeys:
11 / 17
Number of rooms:
Area of apartments:
51 / 30 / 10 м2
Type of house:
  10 лет 15 лет 20 лет (Изменить)
Стоиомсть квартиры 6290000 рублей 6290000 рублей 6290000 рублей
Сумма кредита 5032000 рублей 5032000 рублей 5032000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (руб) 1258000 рублей 1258000 рублей 1258000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (%) 20 % 20 % 20 %
Срок кредита 10 лет 15 лет 20 лет
Ставка % 10 % 10 % 10 %
Платёж 66 498 рублей 54 074 рублей 48 559 рублей

* The calculation is approximate and subject to change at the Bank

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Kotovskaya Olga Andreevna

+7 (918) 558-78-98 +7 (863) 298-78-98

Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0900


Rostov-on-don, Center, Maxim Gorky street. We present a two-room apartment species,located in a new residential complex Pearl of the don. The total area of 51 m2. The planning solution, as well as the interior of the apartment are designed by a professional designer. The project solved the living area - Studio space kitchen-dining room and living room, bedroom, separate dressing room, bathroom. Loggia with panoramic Windows, serves as a terrace. The repair is made of high-quality finishing materials.Kitchen, tailor-made, complete with integrated appliances: disposer, induction hob and oven brand HOTPOINT-ARISTON, WHIRLPOOL microwave. Mounted capacious systems of storage of things. The bathroom is equipped with sanitary ware of European brands. Each room has an air conditioning system. The apartment is without wear and tear, does not require any additional investment.The house has a Concierge Desk, three elevators, underground and guest Parking, a closed Playground, operated roof for residents of the house, provides access to two sides - Maxim Gorky street and Pushkinskaya street.  The residential complex is located in one of the most prestigious places in the city - the proximity of Pushkin Boulevard, walking distance to the Park of Revolution, leading educational institutions: school№80, school №22, Rostov State Medical University, southern Federal University, sports clubs World Slass, Prime , cinema big. We also offer to consider the purchase of an apartment, for subsequent rental.


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Р 7 100 000
(Apartments, Center)
Two bedroom apartment with excellent repair
Р 6 700 000
(Apartments, Center)
New house
Species one-bedroom apartment in Admiral
Р 6 700 000
(Apartments, Center)
New house
Species one-bedroom apartment in Admiral
Р 5 700 000
(Apartments, Center)
New house
The apartment is newly renovated
Р 5 500 000
(Apartments, Center)
The apartment is renovated
общий вид гостиной
Р 14 500 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
Apartment with century history
Р 22 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
Rostov-on-Don. Specific elite apartment
Р 12 500 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
The elite apartment with exclusive design
Р 6 150 000
(Apartments, Center)
The apartment is renovated
Р 6 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
New house
The apartment is renovated

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