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Land and construction in progress

Price : 15 000 000Р

16 000 000Р

$ 241 935  /  € 214 286
Commercial , Sale
Rostov-on-Don, West
ул. Осипенко
Real estate type:
room space:
37.9 м2
Area of a site:
3.5 Sotok
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Butenko Ivan Romanovich

+7 (863) 301-13-13 +7 (961) 301-13-13

Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0711


To sale the object of commercial real estate - land parcel of 350 m2 with capital building 37.9 m2 (operator) and the smart wash self-service in 5 posts under construction. The object is a complex of construction works on the underground and ground level. According to the requirements of town planning rules and regulations operation of constructed wastewater treatment plants, implementation of technological connection to Central sewer (0.64 cu. m/hour the volume of wastewater) and Central water supply (0.64 cu. m/hour the volume of water consumption). The gas received specifications and the project, electricity is connected under the contract through the official payment to the cashier. All work was performed by a qualified construction team on the project. The plate of 35 cm from the 300th grade of concrete with use of the 14th armature is filled in. Removed the fertile layer of the earth. The preparation of a pillow made of a mixture of sand and gravel with thrombosis, after which a plate of 15 cm from the 250th grade of concrete was poured. The basement and cover of the basement are made of concrete of grade 350 with the 14th reinforcement, size 6x5. In the plate there are mortgages under the canopy, the project which also goes on sale (read the documents are ready at the meeting and provide all the data). Also in the plate prepared all the plumbing and electrical wiring, installed reinforced pipes for Underfloor heating "uponor", the Finnish company. Prepared storm sewer, place under the washbasins and vacuum cleaners. The area is paved with paving slabs, under which is also filled with a stove. Completed and approved the scheme of the traffic police. The peculiarity of the location at the entrance of the transport from any point of junction of five roads. The site was carefully selected from among those under consideration. Nearby there is a free area for development, which can be used for expansion or trade purposes. The purpose of the land and buildings correspond to the actual. Taxes, debts and disputes are paid. In a warehouse there is the equipment to this complex, its cost is stipulated separately and is offered also to sale to the future owner. The reason for the sale is due to family circumstances.


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Р 14 000 000
(Commercial, Center)
Maximum price
The room under restaurant
Р 15 000 000
(Commercial, Aleksandrovka)
Maximum price
290 sq.m with a facade on M 4
Р 16 000 000
(Commercial, North)
Ready business
Помещение под представительство в Ростове
Р 20 500 000
(Commercial, West)
Maximum price
Separate mansion under representation
Р 65 000 000
(Commercial, West)
Separate building
Р 13 000 000
(Commercial, West)
House for Commerce

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