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Magnificent residence

Price : 250 000 000Р

300 000 000Р

$ 3 571 429  |  € 3 333 333  |  Ƀ 156.11
House , Exit to water
Rostovskaya oblast, Aksaiskii region
ул. Озерная
Real estate type:
Quantity of floors:
Number of rooms:
730 / 500 / 50 м2
Area of a site:
100 Sotok
  10 лет 15 лет 20 лет (Изменить)
Стоиомсть квартиры 250000000 рублей 250000000 рублей 250000000 рублей
Сумма кредита 200000000 рублей 200000000 рублей 200000000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (руб) 50000000 рублей 50000000 рублей 50000000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (%) 20 % 20 % 20 %
Срок кредита 10 лет 15 лет 20 лет
Ставка % 10 % 10 % 10 %
Платёж 2 643 014 рублей 2 149 210 рублей 1 930 043 рублей

* The calculation is approximate and subject to change at the Bank

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In the Aksay district (x. Kamyshevakh) the unique housing of a premium class located on the bank of a beautiful reservoir is on sale. The estate which was built in 2010 in the territory of 1 hectare consists of a three-level mansion (730 m ²), the guest house (220 m ²), a garage (100 m ²), and also premises of security service and three arbors. In addition, are separately located the banquet room (200 m ²), the house intended for accommodation of protection and personnel (90 m ²), and also the pool with illumination (200 m ²).
The estate territory including landscaping elements is fenced with a fence. The set of green plantings forming avenues and also sculptures and terraces allow to create the quiet atmosphere. There is a separate exit to the lake. The press has the multi-level layout convenient and multipurpose. It is excellent option for several generations of families, at the same time, each of them shouldn't limit own requests.
Finishing of an interior is magnificent and to realize the design ideas without specialists of high level it was impossible. They could create smart and at the same time comfortable interior, at the same time very rare, high-quality natural finishing materials were used. Supplements an interior a collection of the Italian furniture, exclusive lamps, refined decorative elements and expensive textiles.
The main house consists of a ceremonial drawing room, the spacious dining room, four bedrooms with bathrooms, the meeting and game room, the gym and the media room. In addition, there is a winter garden, the zone Spa and rooms of technical appointment. All this, including the high level of hardware of the house, allows to provide comfortable accommodation.
Thanks to availability of own electric substation on 80 kW, separate gazo-and to water highways, and also the allocated engineering lines, all communications of the estate function uninterruptedly. There is the pumping point, the ventilating system, conditioners, generating installations are installed. In addition, the mini automatic telephone exchange and the special radio channel allowing to communicate locally with personnel works. Housing is equipped with a security system, HD video surveillance, satellite TV. In case of desire purchase of the adjacent site of 22 000 m ² is possible.
Purchasing this magnificent residence, you will become the owner of the unique and not having analogs country real estate.


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