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The apartment with a look

Price : 20 000 000Р

21 000 000Р

$ 303 030  /  € 256 410
Apartments , Sale
Rostov-on-Don, Center
ул. Ульяновская
Floor / Number of storeys:
10 / 12
Number of rooms:
Area of apartments:
161 / 120 / 20 м2
Type of house:
  10 лет 15 лет 20 лет (Изменить)
Стоиомсть квартиры 20000000 рублей 20000000 рублей 20000000 рублей
Сумма кредита 16000000 рублей 16000000 рублей 16000000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (руб) 4000000 рублей 4000000 рублей 4000000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (%) 20 % 20 % 20 %
Срок кредита 10 лет 15 лет 20 лет
Ставка % 10 % 10 % 10 %
Платёж 211 441 рублей 171 936 рублей 154 403 рублей

* The calculation is approximate and subject to change at the Bank

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Ilina Evgenia Viktorovna

+7 (928) 607-70-75

Certified Property Manager - Agent

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 АН 0712


Downtown of Rostov-on-Don, Ulyanovskaya St. To sale the four-room apartement with a verandah, a panoramic view of the Don River, the Left bank and the city is provided. In the apartment repair on the design project, in modern urbanistic style is executed. The apartment it is competent and practical it is planned. Two bedrooms, an office and two bathrooms are separated a general zone by the easy sliding Mr.Doors system. The drawing room is merged into kitchen and has an exit to the closed heated verandah. In the hall wardrobe is provided. The heat-insulated floor of the Devi brand (Denmark) is laid. Walls on a verandah are revetted with the German Stroeher clinker, porcelain tile of the same brand, the massif of an oak is involved. In finishing the Spanish collection Peronda porcelain tile has also been used. The kitchen of production of Nolte factory (Germany), is completed with the built-in household appliances of Neff (the cooking panel, an oven, the dishwasher, the microwave oven), an island extract of Faber. Conditioners Daikin, Hitachi are established. The furniture made of a natural tree is delivered a premium by the Mekran brand. In bathrooms the bathroom equipment of the European production - Catalano (Italy), the German steel bathtub of Kaldewei, the shower Hansgrohe system is mounted. Water leakage sensors are established. The system of video surveillance is implemented, the security Gulf Stream system is connected, the reliable entrance door Hermann (Germany) is established. On the floor two apartments are located, the place for storage of bicycles and other large things is provided. Together with the apartment the parking space for an additional fare is offered. The house has a post of the concierge, an underground parking, the closed yard with a playground, the goods and passenger elevator. The house is near the embankment, Voroshilovsky Avenue and Administration of the Rostov region. The street on which the house is located differs in beauty of modern buildings and the restored architecture monuments. In an environment infrastructure of the business center. Convenient traffic intersection, departure from the city.


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общий вид гостиной
Р 20 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
Apartment with century history
Р 22 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
Rostov-on-Don. Specific elite apartment
Р 19 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Six-room apartment
зона кухни
Р 14 300 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
The elite 4 room apartment in a housing estate of "21 eyelids"
общий вид гостиной
Р 20 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
Apartment with century history
Р 22 000 000
(Apartments, Center)
Maximum price
Rostov-on-Don. Specific elite apartment
Элитные квартиры на Пушкинской
Р 6 800 000
(Apartments, Center)
In Pushkinsky Boulevard

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