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Willa Dorada

Price : 65 000 000Р

75 000 000Р

$ 1 083 333  |  € 1 048 387  |  Ƀ 65.29
House , New house
Rostov-on-Don, West
ул. Мадояна
Real estate type:
Quantity of floors:
Number of rooms:
772.6 / 500 / 50 м2
Area of a site:
22.5 Sotok
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Стоиомсть квартиры 65000000 рублей 65000000 рублей 65000000 рублей
Сумма кредита 52000000 рублей 52000000 рублей 52000000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (руб) 13000000 рублей 13000000 рублей 13000000 рублей
Первоначальный взнос (%) 20 % 20 % 20 %
Срок кредита 10 лет 15 лет 20 лет
Ставка % 10 % 10 % 10 %
Платёж 687 183 рублей 558 794 рублей 501 811 рублей

* The calculation is approximate and subject to change at the Bank

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Maralin Alexey Sergeyevich

+7 (863) 298-76-00
+7 (918) 558-76-00

Certified Property Manager - Broker

Certificate № РОСС RU РГР ТОС 61 БН 0216


Rostov-on-Don, Western inhabited massif. To sale the household built on the basis of the individual project developed by the famous designer and the architect is presented. On site 2250 of sq.m the house, the pool, economic constructions, the gardener's lodge, a protection lodge are located. The house is two-storeyed, with the cellar with a total area of 772,6 sq.m (cellar S = 349,04 sq.m, S first floors = 321,75m2, S second floors = 101,81m2). The house is built qualitatively, with thorough approach, with observance of construction and engineering numbers. As foundation of the house: the monolithic, reinforced reinforced concrete plate, buronalivny piles. The base is completely moisture-proof. Walls of the house are executed from a brick of M125 laying of 380 mm thick, in addition warmed by a heater of "Penopleks" 100 mm thick, plastered by decorative Bark beetle plaster 20 mm thick, painted by beige Caparol paint. The roof has a wooden design, is warmed by "Ruff Bats" heater, moisture-proof, covered with a natural tile of "RÖBEN FLÄMING" copper-colored-brown. Systems of water supply and heating are executed by materials of Rehau firm. Coppers of heating are established Buderus firms. The Heat-insulated floor system is laid on the first floor and in a basement. Materials were also used Rehau firms. Windows and doors wooden, euro, with a double double-glazed window, are made by GreenHouse firm. The front frame of windows and doors is executed from a very stone. On windows and doors of the first floor protective rolling shutters are established. The house has two summer terraces - one opened, second closed. The materials used at construction of a terrace: monolithic concrete, brick, larch. The roof at the closed terrace is tiled, the same, as well as all house. Colons of terraces are issued by a very stone. The house has exit to the pool. The bowl of the pool and approach to him are made of the monolithic, reinforced reinforced concrete. Materials and style of these constructions repeat the main house. Now works on improvement of the domestic territory are conducted. The house is on sale in a condition of construction finishing.


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Р 64 000 000
(House, Center)
New house
Elite household with a ready interior
Р 75 000 000
(House, West)
New house
Elite household in the closed settlement
Р 70 000 000
(House, West)
Elite household
Р 75 000 000
(House, West)
New house
Elite household in the closed settlement
Р 70 000 000
(House, West)
Elite household
Р 65 000 000
(House, West)
Elite house
Р 41 500 000
(House, West)
The closed territory
фасад дома
Р 32 000 000
(House, West)
New house
Elite household for a big family
Р 26 500 000
(House, West)
The spacious house with high-quality repair

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