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Career - Vacancies the realtor - the secretary/operator - the programmer

“It doesn't make sense to employ sensible people, and then to specify that to do to them.
We employ sensible people that they said that to do to us”.
Steve Jobs

Certainly, people who are capable to enclose a part of in activity of our company that will allow to make it even better are necessary to us. And for this purpose you don't need a wide experience of work in the market of elite real estate.

Than our real estate agency can involve already taken place expert? In what difference of our company from others, offering, apparently, similar conditions? The answer is simple: we work only with the best real estate of an elite class of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region, and it is a guarantee of the high fees to agents.

Long-term experience of our agency will allow you to become quickly the full member of collective, and recommendations and repeated addresses will promote work improvement of quality for the benefit of our clients and the company.

Our agency renders services in the sphere of elite real estate in one of the most attractive Russian cities, and in this segment of the market it is necessary to be able to work. We don't promise what to study this work it will be easy, possible, you should spend for it months. But the result is worth it. We are sure that having read this offer, you accept one of the major and correct decisions in the life.

Work has to you be interesting. It is necessary that each working day delivered pleasure that you worked at full capacity, instead of expected it end, periodically glancing at the dial. Such work waits for you in our friendly professional staff. Each our employee reached that age when is capable to make the weighed decisions, and, to do it most effectively that we will expect from you.

If you decided to become the professional elite real estate agent, it would be desirable to acquaint you with certain requirements which we impose to personal qualities of employees:

  • decency always and in everything;
  • resistance to stress - you have to be positive, not break on trifles;
  • ability quickly to be going at the right time and to work most effectively;
  • to possess ability to communicate, sensibly to convince, be polite with people.

The agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru was created by our common efforts that allowed many employees to believe in itself, and also to raise level of the professionalism in the sphere of realtor activity, having turned it into a true art. If you the one whom we look for, contact us right now!

If you are made of sugar, instead of steel, with impatience you glance for hours and you wait when the working day will end, the fan to have a sleep and eat, you are the expert on all and you will be able to learn at us to nothing, in advance you consider yourself as the pensioner or that you are actually — to us not on the way.

We open the following vacancies:


To this position we need the girl till 30 years, possessing a pleasant voice and appearance, and also congenital literacy and accuracy as it is necessary to work with important documents. As your work will be connected with people, it is desirable to have skills of communication and to possess having manner of the speech. The knowledge of the computer at the level of the advanced user is necessary. You will have to be in office full time.

Realtor/specialist in real estate purchase and sale

This position expects moderately ambitious young man knowing that only it is possible to receive worthy money which become result of continuous self-development for high-quality work. You have to know well the city, it is desirable to operate not bad the car and to know the personal computer. Your work also will be connected with people therefore existence of such quality as resistance to stress will be one of decisive factors, after all whimsical clients meet also.

Our company is ready to provide to you a complex of free services which will allow you to develop freely if, of course, you have desire and aspiration to achievement of the objectives


We look for the young and hardworking WEB PROGRAMMER. The competitor has to know surely PHP and MySQL, to own HTML+CSS, Java Script at initial level and jQuery framework. It is necessary to be able to apply technologies of asynchronous inquiries.

We are open for new partnership!