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Protecting real estate from scammers and black realtеrs

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Protecting real estate from scammers and black realtеrs

Homeowners are urged to update their property data in the usrn. This is due to the changes that occurred in the Russian legislation in November 2019. In this regard, the Federal registration service encourages property owners to respond to these innovations.


With the advent of remote real estate transactions, some people began to lose apartments. This is due to the actions of scammers carrying out illegal transactions on the Internet.

In such transactions, an electronic signature is used, which has become very popular. However, the process of electronic registration of documents leads to increased risks.

There were cases when in 2019, fraudsters forged electronic signatures of owners, and then sold this property or made a donation. At the same time, the injured persons did not even suspect of illegal actions with their premises.

How to protect yourself

According to Federal law No. 218, real estate transactions executed in electronic form are prohibited unless the owner has given written permission. Now, in order to execute the transaction electronically, the owner must submit an application to the MFC to inform about the upcoming real estate transaction.

An application is also required to use an electronic signature.

Without such a paper, it is impossible to carry out an electronic real estate transaction today. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

If the electronic signature is issued by the managing center of Rosreestr, and also the notary or the representative of Bank participates in the transaction, for remote operation with real estate such statement is not required.

Rosreestr recommends all property owners to update the data. And this should be done regardless of whether you gave permission for an electronic real estate transaction, or not. To update this data, you just need to apply to the MFC.

Now the owners of any property will be notified when making any transactions using their electronic signature. On the same day they will be sent a corresponding letter by mail and e-mail.

To do this, it is necessary that the usrn has the appropriate contact details of the owner.

Property owners better protect themselves from possible actions of fraudsters and black realtors. Updating the data in the MFC will not take much time, but it will be a serious protective measure.

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