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In Russia, since September, it has been forbidden to divide housing into microdoles

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In Russia, since September, it has been forbidden to divide housing into microdoles

This summer, a new law concerning real estate was adopted. It now clearly stipulates the minimum share of housing with which transactions can be carried out. This is done in order to combat apartment raiding and to reduce the so-called "rubber" apartments that are used to register people who have come to the metropolis to work.

Pavel Krasheninnikov, who holds the position of Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction, commented on the law.

He believes that the lack of regulation on the sale of the number of meters in an apartment currently leads to a violation of the rights of people forced to live literally on each other's heads. Until now, the courts accept applications for settlement in 1/50 or 1/80 of the share. It is clear that in reality it will not work to live in an apartment in which 1 sq.m. is assigned to you. But nevertheless, on online platforms where real estate is put up for sale, you can see similar ads: "I will sell 2 sq.m."

Microdole does not allow you to live comfortably indoors. Now it can be measured even in centimeters. Legally, the raiders move into the apartment, create unbearable conditions for the main co-owners. As a result, they become full owners of real estate. There are many different schemes of raiding, but they are all based on the possibility of acquiring a microdole. All registered persons have the right to use common areas: hallway, kitchen, bathroom. As a result of such close coexistence, it is difficult to maintain friendly relations even with close people.

The new rules regulate the number of possible shares into which real estate can be divided.

Now, according to the clarifications adopted in the Housing Code, the share should not be less than 6 sq.m. These amendments will come into force in September 2022. Existing shares will not be banned, transactions with them will remain legal if concluded before the fall.

After September 1, homeowners will not be able to divide real estate into microdoles if the share is less than the 6 meters stipulated in the law. Currently, there are not so many such deals, but they are there. This is common especially in megacities.

There will be exceptions to the rules. The owner of the microdole will remain the person who received square meters by inheritance or as a result of the privatization of the apartment. For example, an elderly woman is the owner of an apartment with an area of 25 sq.m. She has 5 legitimate heirs. In this case, each of them becomes the owner of 5 sq.m., which is less than specified in the law.

In Russia, since September, it has been forbidden to divide housing into microdoles

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