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In what cases does the price of selling an apartment decrease?

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In what cases does the price of selling an apartment decrease?

In what cases does the price of selling an apartment decrease

 Whatever price the seller of the apartment sets, the buyer always wants to reduce it. There are often objective reasons for this. In general, the value is influenced by circumstances independent of the owner of the property, which are impossible or difficult to change. List the main cases in which the buyer is entitled to a discount

Condition of the apartment

 If the apartment cannot be entered before the renovation is carried out, it always reduces its cost. The buyer will have to invest heavily in the interior renovation and wait for the repair to be completed.

Even if the finish is in good condition, communications: pipes, wiring and heating radiators are important.

They are the hardest to change, while you can glue wallpaper in a few days. The absence of meters is the basis for a small discount, and traces of a flood or fire reduce the price to 20%. Other negative factors are lack of balcony, adjacent rooms and strong through-outs, to a lesser extent - north windows.

House and neighbours

 The more worn out the house, the cheaper the accommodation in it costs. On average, it is 10% cheaper every    10-20 years. Stalins are an exception, they remain prestigious despite age. A big disadvantage is the next-door drug addicts or noisy companies, as well as commercial premises - shops or cafes - located below or on the side.

The location of the apartment in the house is of great importance.

Almost always cost reduces angular placement and ground floor. In the first case additional costs for insulation and heating are required, in the second case windows and doors with good sound insulation are often required. Also for the first floor it is usually necessary to install grates or roller shutters on windows. The top floor is a reason to discount only in old houses in the absence of a technical floor or attic.


The absence of parking, polyclinics and kindergartens near the house always has a negative impact on the cost, even if the buyer is healthy, has no children and no car. There are objects that require discounts in case of close location: Loaded freeway, Railway tracks; Power lines or CHP; A spontaneous landfill; Production buildings; Prison or cemetery; Restaurant or cafe. 

Difficulties with documents

 Buying an apartment with problematic documents is a big risk, so the price in such a case decreases seriously.       A typical example is non-legalized redevelopment. When purchasing such housing, it is necessary to understand the issue well, because it is possible to legitimize not all changes. In case of complications, it will be very difficult to sell the apartment. Sometimes circumstances do not carry special risks, but require additional red tape. For example, if there is a minor among the owners, the guardianship and guardianship authorities participate in the transaction. This slows down the process by about 2 weeks.

When still there are bases for discount?

The apartment is on sale already long ago and does not find the buyer. Frequent it is sign of initially inflated price.

 Long discharging of the apartment. The former owner cannot sometimes move down, will not find alternative housing yet. The buyer can meet halfway in exchange for discount.

Urgent sale. When money is necessary to the seller as soon as possible, he usually underestimates the prices and easily finds the buyer.

existence of competitive offers. If in the same house or in the neighbourhood similar apartments are on sale, it is logical to offer discount to make the proposal to the most favorable and not to wait too long.

Help in paperwork or moving. The personal service can form for discount the basis. For example, when the seller has no time to assemble references or the car for transportation of things is necessary.

All these circumstances can reduce apartment cost by 5-20%, and in certain cases the discount can reach also 30%.

Especially considerably the price falls when there are several shortcomings at once. Even if object has no defects, all the same buyers usually try to bargain. Many sellers initially put small discount for such case in cost.

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