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What are the advantages of the southern chamber of real estate Rostov-on-don

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What are the advantages of the southern chamber of real estate Rostov-on-don

In Rostov-on-don, there are more than 400 real estate companies, but provide truly professional services and comply not only with the legislation of the Russian Federation, but also the ethical code of the realtor only a few dozen of them. As a rule, these are companies that have passed voluntary certification in the Russian Guild of Realtors and became members of the Rostov branch of the RGR - southern chamber of Real estate. Belonging to the Federal community gives real estate companies a number of advantages.

The presence of a real estate company certificate YUPN associated with consumers with a high level of quality of services.

At the same time, you do not have to pay entrance fees or lump-sum fees for the right to belong to the YUPN brand, as if you were working on a franchise under the brand of a well-known Agency.

The southern chamber of real estate Is not a franchise, it is an Association of conscientious realtors who strive to work to high standards, are ready to exchange technologies and conduct joint transactions under clearly specified regulations. Requirements, which makes UPN of real estate agencies is the strict observance of technology of work, the implementation of the provisions of the code of ethics and participation in collective professional liability insurance.

Insurance gives the real estate company a competitive advantage over other market participants. A small insurance premium allows each member company TO give guarantees to its customers and bear full financial responsibility for the transactions.

Which of the realtors can guarantee a full refund of the purchased property if the transaction is declared invalid? To date, only those companies that have joined the southern chamber of Real estate can afford it. This fact becomes an undeniable advantage in the highly competitive real estate market. As practice shows, customers are increasingly making their choice in favor of the reliability of the company and its willingness to take responsibility for the services provided.

- Opening a real estate Agency, each owner is faced with a choice: long and hard to invest in the development of their own brand or buy a franchise and work under a famous name. To date, the southern real estate market provides owners with an alternative option - to join the UPN and get all the benefits of the franchise without the cost of entrance and lump-sum fees. - says the Chairman of the southern Chamber of Real estate Alexander Konochkin.

How is UPN useful for clients of real estate agencies?

- formation of a base of black apartments, the purchase of which will lead to the recognition of the transaction invalid

- formation of a base of unscrupulous realtors, cooperation with which can damage the reputation of the company

- identification of fraudulent schemes and informing companies and the General public about the possible danger

- reception of claims to the quality of work of agencies and their employees

How useful YUPN for real estate agencies?

- joint promotion of companies-members of YUPN

- formation of a positive public opinion about the realtor's profession and the work of real estate agencies

- legal assistance in the execution of complex transactions

- training of realtors in the basics of housing legislation of the Russian Federation and verification of knowledge through annual certification

- training of mortgage brokers and certification

- formation of a common base of real estate, including exclusive objects 

resolution of ethical and financial disputes between companies and their clients

UPN widely covers its activities in the media and constantly tells consumers that you can choose a reliable real estate Agency on the website of YUPN in the section "Certified companies". Join the professional community of realtors and get an additional advantage over competitors.

What are the advantages of the southern chamber of real estate Rostov-on-don

What are the advantages of the southern chamber of real estate Rostov-on-don

What are the advantages of the southern chamber of real estate Rostov-on-don

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