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In 2016 understating of the price of the sold real estate will become irrelevant

Добавлена: 06.05.2015   Количество просмотров: 5825

In 2016 understating of the price of the sold real estate will become irrelevant

In recent years among sellers of real estate popularly to specify cut price of the transaction in contracts of purchase and sale. It allows to lower a tax on the income which they are obliged to pay at sale of housing.

According to Federal Tax Service, those who signs similar contracts, should remember that at the request for a tax deduction, the buyer provides originals of documents among which, for example, there can be a second receipt on inseparable improvements written by the seller.

According to experts of FTS, in this situation it is the proof of concealment of taxes, respectively, the seller all the same should pay a tax.

In addition, the buyer acquiring housing at cut price should remember that it he reduces the size of the sum of own tax deduction if decides to sell object in the future.

Since January of the next year it will become senseless to conclude bargains with understating of official cost because rules of definition of tax base changed.

Now the sum of tax payment consists of the maximum size of the sum which will be specified when carrying out the transaction, and also the sum equal to 70 percent of cadastral cost of real estate.

Besides, owners of the real estate which is in property more than 3 years at its sale don't pay the personal income tax. If the real estate is in property less than 3 years, it is required to provide the declaration in which it is necessary to specify income gained from its sale. They will be able to receive a tax deduction which will be presented in the form of the expenses on purchase of real estate documented. If documents are absent, the deduction sum concerning housing will make 1 000 000 rubles, for other property – 250 000 rubles.

As note in FTS, release from payment of a tax at sale of housing which was in property more than 3 years, doesn't extend on nonresidents. It should pay a tax from sale of the apartment in Russia at the rate of 30 percent. In this case they have no right to a deduction.

Since January 1, 2016, according to the law adopted last year, the situation changes: those who sold the housing which was in property no more than 5 years will be exempted from a tax.

On it changes in the sphere of real estate don't come to an end. According to the Russian President V. Putin, activity of realtors is regulated insufficiently, respectively, it needs either to be licensed, or to raise requirements to the self-regulating organizations exercising over it control. That it is necessary to pay special attention to this problem, Putin declared at the media forum held in the northern capital.