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TOP 5 risks of buying real estate on the secondary market: debts, prescribed, inheritance, encumbrance, purchase in marriage

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TOP 5 risks of buying real estate on the secondary market: debts, prescribed, inheritance, encumbrance, purchase in marriage

Despite the active increase in the popularity of real estate services in the secondary real estate market, some buyers still have the "temptation" to buy an apartment directly. This seems beneficial, as it is no longer necessary to pay interest for the purchase of the real estate itself. But is it safe to prepare a deal on your own? Talk about the most common risks of buying housing in the secondary market!

Debts in addition

Before making a deal it is not necessary to believe at the word of the seller about absence of debts for housing and utilities or major repair of the house - demand appropriate certificates.

They can be obtained from ZhEK (condominium or SMDS), directly from the services-suppliers of electricity, gas, water, etc. After buying a house, all the debts for the apartment will pass to you automatically. And it will be almost impossible to get them paid from the previous owner.

Good, if it 's about 100-200 rubles. In practice, however, cases of sale of square meters with thousands of debts are known. You can 't joke about it.

Problems with temporarily prescribed

Prior to entering into a sale transaction, require the seller to provide a certificate of absence of third parties registered in the apartment.

It is important that previous contracts on the right to use real estate be terminated. Information about this is present in the house book - the seller is obliged to provide you with an extract from it.

If you do not do so, you risk becoming the owner of a housing in which outsiders will have the right to live.

Unknown "heirs"

If the seller has acquired ownership of the apartment under the inheritance contract, it is worth checking the data on the possible presence of other heirs who are entitled by law to claim square meters.

The ideal option for the buyer in this case is to sign a contract of sale not earlier than a year after the seller receives the document of ownership by inheritance. In a year, the statute of limitations for the submission of applications to the court by third parties expires.

It is worth being wary if immediately after the registration of the inheritance you want to sell the housing and hurry with the registration of the deal. Remember that in case of violation of the rights of heirs, your transaction with the seller the court has the right to declare invalid, and it will be difficult to return the funds paid for the apartment.


Usually, a notary checks real estate for encumbrance.

He can, through all kinds of registers, track the "history" of the apartment, find out whether housing is used as collateral under the loan agreement, whether transactions with it are prohibited due to possible current vessels, etc.

Before making an initial contribution and securing the right to buy an apartment in the near future, trust the lawyer to check the documents.

"Marriage Bonds"

It happens that married persons buy an apartment and formalize it only for one of the spouses. This does not abolish the right of the second spouse to joint property.

Even if later the husband and wife differ, and only one person remains in the apartment.

The second spouse (or former spouse) must give a notarized permit for sale. If there is no such authorization in the package of documents preparing for the transaction, there is a risk of invalidation of the fact of purchase and sale in the future.

Many buyers were able to assess all the advantages of the presence of the specialist during the whole period of search for real estate and its subsequent re-formation (competent bargaining, careful check of documents, professional approach to inspection of the favorite housing, etc.).

To ensure that savings are not too expensive, experienced experts recommend that ordinary people pay attention to the "pitfalls" of purchasing an apartment on the "secondary," take into account possible risks.

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