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Добавлена: 03.10.2020   

New tax benefits for large families

New tax benefits have been introduced for large families. Citizens raising three or more minor children will be able to issue them. If one of the children is already 18 years old, the parents will not be able to apply for tax benefits. An additional deduction will be provided at the rate of 5 m2 per child in an apartment and 7 m2 in a residential building.

Добавлена: 30.09.2020   

The government intends to extend the mortgage at 6.5%

The anti-crisis program of preferential mortgages has caused an increased demand for the purchase of housing in new buildings. The program was launched in may and expires on November 1, 2020. It allowed not only to purchase housing at a reduced rate, but also to stimulate investment in the construction industry.

Добавлена: 24.09.2020   

From 2021, matkapital will be bigger

Russia decided to increase the size of family capital by 3.7%. The Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation announced the indexation of the largest payment to families. At the same time, the State Duma of the Russian Federation is thinking about expanding the possibilities of using the funds that the state allocates to the family.

Добавлена: 22.09.2020   

The Public chamber proposes to license real estate agencies and realtors

The Public chamber of the Russian Federation has put forward a proposal to make it mandatory for real estate agencies and realtors to obtain state licenses.

Добавлена: 19.09.2020   

Increase in the tax deduction when buying real estate

In July 2020, state Duma deputies put forward a proposal to increase the amount of tax deduction when buying real estate. The amount remains unchanged for 12 years, while housing in both the primary and secondary markets regularly increases in price. Until 2008, buyers received only 13 % of 1 million rubles, which was 130 thousand rubles. Deputies consider that it is time to make the next changes.

Добавлена: 16.09.2020   

How to register a house on a dacha plot in 2020

The very fact of building an immovable object on your dacha plot does not allow you to consider it property. To do this, you need to register the building with the appropriate authority and assign it a cadastral number. Only in this case, the owner will be able to transfer the property as an inheritance, give it away, exchange it, etc.

Добавлена: 12.09.2020   

Owners will be able to return overpayments on taxes when revising the cadastral value

The Federal law "on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" came into force, which concerns the procedure for making calculations when changing the cadastral value of a real estate object. This law is intended to affect situations where the established cadastral value of objects significantly exceeds the market price.

Добавлена: 10.09.2020   

Rosreestr changes the form of an extract from the usrn

An extract from the usrn is one of the most important documents when concluding a transaction, as it allows you to identify the owner and find out whether transactions were made with this property. An extract from the Unified state register of real estate contains information about the owner of the property, as well as a complete list of transactions that were made by a certain person.

Добавлена: 04.09.2020   

From September 1, debtors can declare themselves bankrupt through the MFC

Starting from September 1 of this year, citizens whose debt amounts range from 50,000 to 500,000 rubles have the right to declare bankruptcy in a simplified manner. To do this, you should submit an application to the MFC. The corresponding legislative act was adopted by the state Duma in the second and third readings. According to the authors of the bill, the procedure should not be charged.

Добавлена: 02.09.2020   

Public cadastral map of the Russian Federation for 2020 online

The public cadastral map of the Russian Federation for 2020 in online mode allows you to quickly and without leaving your home, get information about a capital construction project or land plot.It contains information about all objects that have passed the official survey procedure and were entered in the usrn.