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Добавлена: 12.11.2020   

2020-2021: garage owners will be able to legalize real estate in a simplified manner

According to various data, there are 3.5-5 million unregistered car boxes in Russia. In fact, citizens can't prove their right to buildings in any way. A simplified procedure for legalizing garages will help you sort out this issue. The adopted law was popularly called "garage Amnesty".

Добавлена: 07.11.2020   

Preferential mortgage extended until July 1, 2021

For those who wanted to take advantage of the preferential mortgage program, but did not have time to find a suitable property, collect documents or get approval from the Bank, there is good news — the Russian government decided to extend the program until July 1, 2021. This means that you have a few more months to complete what you started, formalize your desires in a clear algorithm, and start actively acting.

Добавлена: 05.11.2020   

Real estate registration in 2020-2021 will be 2 times faster

The unification of the UAH and egrn, two state registry systems, has been going on for years. Not so long ago, all the work related to the transition of the subjects of the Russian Federation to the fgis egrn was successfully completed. What is waiting for us after the transition of Rosreestr to the Unified state register of real estate? Read more about this below.

Добавлена: 31.10.2020   

Changes to Federal law No. 218

10.08.2020 amendments to Federal law 218-FZ "on state registration of real estate"came into force. They also touched upon issues related to land surveying. Without specifying the boundaries and coordinates of the land plot, the owner cannot dispose of it: it cannot be sold, donated, or divided.

Добавлена: 27.10.2020   

Divide the property of spouses will be in a new way: the Family code of the Russian Federation is being amended

The state Duma of the Russian Federation has adopted a bill changing the procedure for regulating property relations between spouses. The document introduces changes to the Family code of the Russian Federation and a number of other normative-legal acts. In accordance with the bill, the joint property of spouses will be considered as an array of all their "assets" and "liabilities", that is, as a single property complex.

Добавлена: 24.10.2020   

New amendments regulating state registration of real estate

The legislator is preparing amendments to the Federal law establishing the rules for state registration of real estate. The goals of this initiative are to improve the mechanisms for obtaining public services in the field of real estate and simplify accounting and registration operations.

Добавлена: 20.10.2020   


Leading companies working in the real estate sector gather on one specialized platform. On October 16 ,2020, as part of the event, the next General meeting Of the non-profit partnership "southern chamber of real Estate" was held.

Добавлена: 15.10.2020   

What are the costs of selling real estate purchased with maternity capital

Housing that was purchased with the funds of the mother's capital, in accordance with the law, becomes the common property of children and their parents. Shares in such housing and their size are determined by the agreement of the parties to the transaction.

Добавлена: 10.10.2020   

In 2020, it is planned to simplify mortgage refinancing

In 2020, there is a trend in mortgage refinancing in the Russian credit legislation. The corresponding bill was submitted for consideration by Deputy Chairman of the lower house of Parliament Irina Yarova. This is the sixth interest rate cut in the past year and a half.

Добавлена: 07.10.2020   

In 2020, you can get a tax deduction when buying land and garden plots

The explanation of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in a letter dated 15.09.2020 put an end to the question of whether a citizen can buy a dacha or land for gardening, get a deduction for personal income tax. Since 01.01.2019, the right to tax deduction has appeared for owners of dacha and garden plots — if their land is built a residential building.