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Добавлена: 19.09.2022   

Sberbank has reduced the initial mortgage payment for secondary housing

Since September 19, Sberbank has reduced the initial mortgage payment for secondary housing from 15% to 10%. The changes apply to both salary clients and those who do not receive a salary on the bank card.

Добавлена: 15.09.2022   

Title insurance: features

Insurance was called title insurance due to the fact that the ownership of the property being sold, confirmed by the owner with the provision of relevant documents, is called title. Registration of this type of insurance guarantees compensation for damage to the buyer if his rights to the real estate that he acquires are invalidated.

Добавлена: 15.09.2022   

Sberbank resumes issuing rural mortgages

From September 15, Sberbank reopens the acceptance of applications under the Rural Mortgage program for the purchase or construction of a residential building in rural areas. Programs: Purchase of a plot with a residential building or a block of buildings from a legal entity (no more than 3 years should pass from the moment of construction of the object) or an individual (no more than 5 years old);

Добавлена: 14.09.2022   

Putin instructed to fight buildings unregistered in the EGRN

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to reduce the number of unregistered objects in the Unified State Register. The Government will introduce amendments to legislation that will reduce the number of land plots whose boundaries are not defined in accordance with the requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

Добавлена: 08.09.2022   

Advantages of living in a cottage village

Advantages of living in a cottage village

Добавлена: 06.09.2022   

Buying an apartment in favor of a third party

Situations when buying or selling real estate in favor of third parties do not occur often. What is it? And who is interested in this kind of transactions? Let's take a closer look. So, in the case of buying a home in favor of a third party, the buyer acquires real estate, but does not become its owner.

Добавлена: 01.09.2022   

Sale of real estate with two or more owners

Residential real estate can be shared or shared. Accordingly, it can belong to two or several owners at once. As a rule, such objects are sold, adhering to certain rules.

Добавлена: 30.08.2022   

Commercial real estate: we evaluate the object correctly

Today, most people are concerned about any financial transactions: should they invest in real estate now? Is it profitable? Opinions differ. Meanwhile, investing in commercial real estate is perhaps the most reliable form of saving and investing money.

Добавлена: 29.08.2022   

BEAC and VTB: changing mortgage lending condition

The BEAC has reduced the minimum down payment on a mortgage for individual housing construction without proof of income (according to two documents). VTB has reduced the size of the down payment under its own mortgage programs.

Добавлена: 25.08.2022   

Finishing the apartment from the developer: pros and cons

In many new buildings, developers offer to buy a turnkey apartment. Let's try to figure out the pros and cons. Is everything really safe, or are there still pitfalls?