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Добавлена: 03.06.2019   

How to get a tax deduction when buying an apartment: conditions of registration and receipt

Buying an apartment for their own money or making out for its purchase a mortgage loan, the Russians can count on the return of the money invested in real estate. The state believes that buying an apartment is the "right" investment and is ready to compensate something.

Добавлена: 17.05.2019   

In Russia there will be an IT platform for the execution of transactions with real estate

Rosreestr and the Federal cadastral chamber have planned to develop a special electronic platform within which various real estate transactions, including payment of taxes, will be carried out.

Добавлена: 13.05.2019   

Early repayment of the loan and mortgage: useful information

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the right of the borrower to repay the mortgage early. It is prohibited for banks to deny such a wish to customers. However, many financial institutions are trying to delay the process within the framework of the Law, wishing to receive longer income in the form of interest.

Добавлена: 03.05.2019   

Purchase and sale of housing through a real estate Agency: features and benefits

Is it worth to contact the real estate Agency, if you have to sell or buy an apartment, house or object for commercial needs? Time-saving, professional expertise, competent preparation of documents, evaluation and scoring of the real market value of the property – not all the benefits of the purchase and sale of real estate through a real estate Agency.

Добавлена: 29.04.2019   

VTB has lowered the interest rate on mortgages to 5%

The reduction of interest rates on loans is the main goal of most borrowers, and this is logical, because the decrease in interest leads to faster repayment of the loan. VTB Bank continues to reduce interest rates on mortgage loans, creating loyal conditions for customers.

Добавлена: 26.04.2019   

How to buy or rent an apartment. Search instructions

Apartments – real estate, which is almost no different from the characteristics of the apartments, but still has its advantage. The cost of such housing is much cheaper. Let's try to figure out what to consider when choosing if you are going to live in an apartment.

Добавлена: 22.04.2019   

Entry into the inheritance. What to check if you are buying an inherited apartment

The purchase of an apartment inherited by the seller is considered a high-risk transaction – especially if the sale is made before the expiration of 3 years (in some cases 5 years) from the date of entry into the inheritance. Is there a problem?

Добавлена: 18.04.2019   

Signed a law banning hostels in an apartment building

On the basis of the law signed recently by President Vladimir Putin, article 17 of the LCD will be amended. Now it is forbidden to place hotels (hostels) in an apartment building, if the premises are not transferred to the non-residential status

Добавлена: 16.04.2019   

The construction of a new Park zone in the village Starocherkasskaya is being completed

This year it is planned to complete the construction of a huge Park area of 40 000 m2 in Starocherkassk. Improvement of the territory is carried out within the program of development of the ancient Cossack village.

Добавлена: 08.04.2019   

The register of unauthorized capital objects in Rostov-on-don was updated

For the purpose of implementation of requirements of h. 4 Art. 62 of the town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the Administration of Rostov-on-don approved the Order according to which the reasons of violation of this legislation in the territory of the city are established (the Resolution No. 801 of 08.08.2007).