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Добавлена: 06.03.2021   

The procedure for cadastral valuation of real estate has changed

Russian legislation, like any other, changes periodically. New laws are being passed, while others are being discontinued or revised. It is not uncommon for existing legislation to be amended. In 2020, one of these changes was the law on the procedure for cadastral valuation of real estate.

Добавлена: 03.03.2021   

How to get a share in an apartment for a minor

Regardless of whether the parents themselves want to allocate a share in the apartment to the minor, or this is a requirement of the law, the procedure is carried out according to a certain algorithm under the control of the guardianship authorities.

Добавлена: 24.02.2021   

Who will help a young family in 2021?

In the budget of a young family, every penny counts. She still has to solve the issue of providing for themselves and the kids, with housing. In 2021, the state will help young families with the purchase of housing, as well as provide certain payments.

Добавлена: 20.02.2021   

When is the right to a tax deduction when buying an apartment

The purchase of housing is associated with large monetary costs. Buying an apartment affects the family budget and can cause financial difficulties. The state took care of its citizens and thought out a system for returning part of the money for those who purchased housing. Taking advantage of the right to a tax deduction when buying an apartment, the owner of the apartment can partially compensate for their expenses.

Добавлена: 17.02.2021   

Features of buying an apartment as a pledge

Buying a secured apartment is a troublesome business. If the property is in the encumbrance of the bank, it will go to the reissue of credit documents only in exceptional cases. Employees of financial organizations are much more favorable to the situation when the buyer has the opportunity to pay the cost of housing immediately, without using borrowed funds in this bank. The buyer is obliged to fully repay the debt of the owner of the property.

Добавлена: 09.02.2021   

February 8 Realtor's Day - UPN unites professionals

On February 8, the Day of the realtor, we were happy to receive our colleagues at our headquarters Maralin Ru

Добавлена: 06.02.2021   

Who can become a guarantor Who is the guarantor for the termination of the contract of sale

The contract of sale is drawn up based on the wishes of the buyer and the seller, as well as in connection with the legislation of the country. In this case, both parties can terminate the agreement and demand a refund of funds or property.

Добавлена: 27.01.2021   

Missed the deadline for entering into the inheritance: how do I get the property

The established period for entering into inheritance rights is 6 months from the date of death of an individual. Then you can get the property if there are valid reasons, in a judicial and simplified procedure.

Добавлена: 20.01.2021   

The subtleties of refinancing a mortgage with maternity capital

Maternity capital opens up opportunities for improving the family's living conditions. Therefore, it is often used when making a mortgage or when calculating a mortgage loan. However, matkapital also creates certain problems if the borrower decides to undergo the refinancing procedure to switch to more favorable terms.

Добавлена: 11.01.2021   

The State Duma adopted the law on a single customer in the construction sector

The creation of a single customer is an innovation that will reduce the construction time, increase the efficiency of investments on the part of the state, and minimize the risks of unfinished construction. The bill was developed by the Ministry of Construction — the new company will distribute contracts over the next three years for 300 billion rubles. But about everything in order.