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Добавлена: 04.02.2023   

Construction of the Western Chord highway

In the spring of 2023, the construction of the Western Chord highway will begin in the region, which will connect the Rostov–Taganrog interchange with the bridge over the Don River on Vsesoyuznaya Street.

Добавлена: 01.02.2023   

Changes in laws and taxes from January 1, 2023

In the new year, the citizens of the Russian Federation are waiting for important changes in the tax and legislative spheres. Let's take a closer look at the main innovations.

Добавлена: 26.12.2022   

The Ministry of Finance proposed to increase housing affordability through leasing

The Ministry of Finance has presented a new draft strategy for the development of the financial market until 2030. It also included a plan to finalize the mechanism for the phased acquisition of real estate

Добавлена: 14.12.2022   

The Duma has prepared a bill on the unified state register of realtors

A new draft law on intermediary activity in the real estate market has already been prepared by Deputy Ivan Sukharev.

Добавлена: 05.12.2022   

The Federation Council proposed to fix the prices of state real estate during the registration of documents for its sale

This week, the Federation Council supported the adoption of a new law on state property. Now the cost of real estate owned by the state or municipalities will be clearly fixed for the entire period of paperwork.

Добавлена: 29.11.2022   

From December 1, saunas and hamams will be allowed to be installed in apartment buildings

In the near future, residents of high-rise buildings will be able to steam in the bathhouse without leaving the apartment.

Добавлена: 22.11.2022   

Центробанк предложил сделать кредитные каникулы постоянными

During the pandemic, banks provided their borrowers with credit holidays in strictly limited terms. Today, such a practice is planned to be resumed, but on a permanent basis.

Добавлена: 15.11.2022   

An apartment from a developer in installments is a profitable option for purchasing real estate

More recently, installment transactions for the purchase of real estate were not often concluded, and today they are becoming interesting to an increasing number of citizens. After all, in this way you do not need to overpay banks.

Добавлена: 10.11.2022   

The State Duma introduced a bill to increase the limit of tax deduction when buying a home

The deputies propose to increase the limits on tax deductions when buying or paying a mortgage to 25-30%. It is assumed that now citizens will be able to receive such a deduction repeatedly.

Добавлена: 08.11.2022   

The company Maralin Ru won in the nomination: "The best regional brokerage company in the luxury real estate market"

For more than two years, <url> has been actively developing as a regional brokerage company. This is due to the fact that we have increasingly received requests for the purchase of real estate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar and other regions of the country.