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Average salaries in Europe

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   Количество просмотров: 7139

Average salaries in Europe

About average salaries in Europe compose legends in Russia, but we will try to understand today that there is a truth, and that - lie. The average level of this salary depends on a level of development of the country, and also on the city in which this or that highly paid profession located.

So, for example,

it is considered that the salary is a litmus piece of paper of such indicator, such as the general welfare of the state.

Well as a last resort this communication can be considered as an indicator of good general development of economy in the country. Though, euro can consider as powerful currency, but at the same time the salary in the United States is higher, than in united Europe. If to delete the undeveloped European countries then it will turn out that Europe earns above on the whole quarter, than states, and then everything becomes into place. This indicator in that case can be considered as the strongest in the world.

The European institute of statistics has the valid conclusions in this respect.

So, in a year before last more than three thousand euros a month on the average were received only by British, and the highest level of a salary nevertheless was noted in Holland. To the third place surely there were Germans who in 2011 earned slightly less than three thousand euros.

In the north of the European Union of a salary were a little lower,

that it is possible to explain economic restraint of the prices, that is such big salaries there simply aren't required. In Denmark the salary was very close in 3 000 euros, in Belgium people received on the average about 2750 euros. Austria also showed high level of a salary, on an equal basis with Belgiye and Ireland, and here in Sweden some recession, exactly as well as in France where people received slightly less than 2 500 euros a month is already observed.

In the south of the European Union salaries are already significantly lower, Italy, Spain, and also Greece with Portugal, received from 2000 to 2350 euros that below, than average European values to which all so violently aspire. Portugal is in the basic on a mark in 1700 euros, and in Poland and that it is less – only 1300 euros. Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria can't overcome on salary level a mark in 1000 euros a month.

And here last year figures though increased, but the general currents remain also, as well as 3-4 years ago.

As always Germans and Scandinavians who hold a palm are in the lead, and here the closing countries also remained without changes. But in Eastern Europe not everything so badly, for example, in the Czech Republic the salary more than suffices it to inhabitants comfortably to exist.

If to consider the certain cities, that earning still remains London,

and generally the plan the situation doesn't change within several last years. Rating agencies conduct numerous researches, however really reliable picture it is rather difficult to define. For this purpose there is a variety of reasons, such as salary in envelopes which still takes place to be. Ratings to such an extent disagree that it is better to visit each of the cities in order that most to understand everything.

Also in this area build many forecasts among which indisputable leadership prophesy to Paris which has to push aside London on the second position. Also Doubles and Stockholm, and also the Spanish capital can significantly "rise in price".

If to sort a situation by professions in the European Union, doctors and educators receive most. So, for example, some doctors, such as stomatologists, get paid to 15 000 euros a month. People with scientific degrees can apply for 5 000 – 7 000 euros a month, and teachers of usual high schools can already receive more than 2500 euros a month that very strongly differs from salaries of this field of activity in Russia.

It is difficult to trace salaries of programmers, but they also earn from 2 500 euros a month and in any way less. Those who works in Europe for the oil and gas industry, also make good money, on the average about 5 000 euros a month and if to speak about those who constantly risks the lives on oil platforms in the sea, for example, in Norway, their salary can fluctuate within 15 000 euros a month.