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To residents of Rostov reduced terms of registration of real estate till 1st day

Добавлена: 02.11.2014   Количество просмотров: 4118

To residents of Rostov reduced terms of registration of real estate till 1st day

The Russian government developed the bill providing reduction of the terms provided on registration of the right for real estate. In case of adoption of this law, notaries, insurance companies and banks will independently request necessary data. In turn, experts consider that quickly to issue the transaction it will turn out only during the harmonious work of system of an electronic exchange of documents.

Two years ago legislators created the road map urged to improve quality of the services rendered in the sphere of the cadastral account and registration of the rights for real estate. According to assumptions, the held events corresponding to a road map by 2018 will allow to reduce the terms provided on registration of the right till 7 days. It should be noted that in this regard the applicant won't incur essential expenses, they will remain at the former level — will be to pay the state duty only enough.

Those who underwent procedure of registration of the right after October 1, 2013, for certain, examined the changes which already came into force.

For example, now there is an opportunity to file documents to cadastral chamber, Federal Registration Service and the multipurpose center in electronic form. In these organizations registration of real estate is also carried out in the reduced terms — from the moment of filing of application no more than 18 calendar days. To put object on the cadastral account, 8 working days, but not 10, as earlier now are taken away.

It is necessary to tell about work of engineers of the inventory to whom in connection with innovations impose more strict requirements now. When providing by the engineer documents 25% from which aren't registered the rights because of poor implemented boundary or technical plan, withdraw the professional license from the expert. Both the applicant, and the legal entity representing his rights can appeal against refusal.

The Rostov Management of Federal Registration Service on the basis of the relevant order already carries out registration of the rights in short terms. It is possible to make it even in one day.

The registration periods from 3 to 5 days and 10 days work. In one day the residents of Rostov and area who are Heroes of the USSR, Russia and full gentlemen of an award of Glory, participants, veterans and disabled people of the Great Patriotic War, disabled people of the I group, disabled from childhood, displaced persons and refugees, orphan children and without parental support can register the right. In addition, registration in one-day time available to people with oncological diseases and what age exceeds 75 years.

In addition, in one day it is possible to register lease contracts of municipal property, the right or its termination for federal property or property of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation, the right of persons which get in property residential real estate on the basis of the contract of transfer it in property as free privatization, the right for the real estate acquired on means of a maternity capital, the right (the termination of the right) for economic maintaining, operational management and the right of continuous use. One-day term is provided and for registration of the right for objects which are provided for construction of the Youzhny airport. Also in one day it is possible to receive repeatedly the certificate, and, besides, to carry out modification of EGRP.

If you need to register contracts of individual share, a mortgage of premises, the land plots, non-residential premises, buildings and constructions, in Federal Registration Service it is possible to carry out all these procedures within 3-5 days. Exist also the maximum period for carrying out procedure of registration — 10-day term. One of the priority directions of regional Management at the moment - reduction of the terms which are taken away on registration. It will allow to increase quality of state services, and by 2018 to reduce terms of carrying out procedure till 7 days.

Participants of the market of real estate were positive to the new law. After all most of those who isn't aware where to take this or that document, prefer to address to realtors.

Analysts express the opinion about it, and too the positive: clients shouldn't spend time for obtaining documents in various instances. In turn, experts consider that acceleration of carrying out transactions depends on that, how fast and work according to the new law will be accurately carried out.

For example, concluding the bargain between legal entities, it is possible not to provide an extract from tax administration as Federal Registration Service has an opportunity to receive it independently. But many clients nevertheless bring it, preferring to be reinsured. The documents filed with own hand give to confidence that the transaction will be carried out to the time planned in advance. You shouldn't hope for electronic document flow as in certain cases the transaction stops because of not really good work of this system.

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that acceleration of terms of carrying out procedure of registration of the right depends as on harmonious work of system of an electronic exchange of documents, and on a human factor.